Posted 02/08/2016

Murray-Calloway County Hosital (MCCH) has opened a new oncology and hematology practice headed by hematologist and oncologist Loreta Garretson MD, along with the resources of chemotherapy and the infusion center.

Located in the Medical Arts Building in Suite 403 East, Oncology & Hematology of Murray offers treatment for a wide array of cancers, as well as benign hematological conditions.

As a hematologist and oncologist, Garretson moved to Murray in September 2014.  After completing her medical degree in 2002, she was an internal medicine resident at Seton Hall University's St. Michael's Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey from 2009-2012 before being named Chief Third Year Fellow in Hematology/Oncology in 2012.  She also has worked as a hospitalist at Select Specialty Hospital in Rochelle Park, New Jersey.

In addition to treating cancer patients, Garretson will work closely and provide medical leadership to the chemotherapy and outpatient infusion center at the Regional Cancer Center.

The Regional Cancer Center is located on the hospital campus.  It includes a private treatment room and a group room with infusion recliners where patients can receive blood transfusions, chemotherapy and other medications administered through a needle or catheter.

"The therapies that are now available or are in the development are very exciting, because they are giving cancer patients the ability to survive longer with a better quality of life," said Dr. Garretson.

With the new oncology practice conveniently located in the Medical Arts Building, Dr. Garretson's patients also will have easy access to MCCH's lab and imaging services.


The Cancer Program at Murray-Calloway County Hospital recently was granted a three-year accreditation with commendation by the Comission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons (ACoS).

Receiving care at a CoC-accredited cancer program ensures the patient will have access to comprehensive care, a multi-specialty team approach to coordinate best treatment options, information about ongoing clinic trials, access to cancer-related information and support, a cancer registry that collects data on type and stage of cancers and treatment results with lifelong patient follow-up, ongoing monitoring and improvement of care and, most importantly, quality care close to home.

For more information on cancer care call 270.762.1597.