Posted 08/15/2016

Murray-Calloway County Hospital recently recognized more than 100 employees at the 38th annual Service Awards Banquet for reaching a milestone in their years of service at both MCCH and at Spring Creek Health Care.

The banquet was mardi gras-themed and held in the Curris Center Ballroom at Murray State University to honor employees reaching a milestone in service. Recent retirees and employees with more than 20 years of service but not celebrating a milestone year were also honored. In total, the employees celebrating milestones represented more than 1,455 combined years of service.

Musical entertainment was provided during the dinner, and MCCH CEO Jerry Penner delivered opening remarks and honored those with 30, 35 and 40 year service milestones. Hospital chaplain Kerry Lambert gave the invocation and John Wilson, vice president of Human Resources, recognized recent retirees and employees with five years of service. Jeff Eye, Dirk Morgan and Keith Travis recognized the 10, 15, 20 and 25-year milestone recipients.

“Tonight we recognize our form of heroes, those who have chosen to stay with our organization through thick and thin, obstacles and adversity, challenges and choice. Your choice has been to stay with MCCH or Spring Creek Healthcare. I’ve always marveled at those that choose to stay with an organization for years, decades and then multiple decades,” said Penner to the assembled employees at the banquet.

Celebrating Five Years

From left, Rose Peavey, Kathy Rogers, Lori Bruce, Jerry Penner (CEO), Hillary Sharp, Cynthia Holt and Tonya Gossum.

Celebrating 10 Years

From left, Cami Bergmann, Donna Richardson, Jeff Eye (VP of Patient Care Services), Becky True, Tom King and Donna Miller. 
Celebrating 15 Years 

From left, Melissa Ross, Sarah Martin, Shelia Adams, Dirk Morgan (VP of Finance), Whitney Villanueva and Thomas Warren.
Celebrating 20 Years 

From left, Keith Travis (VP of Development), Rose Grubbs, Debbie Ferguson and Lori Callihan.
Celebrating 25 Years

From left, Keith Travis (VP of Development), Cadelia Turpin, Denise Provine, Doris Parker, Carol Brown, Suzi Downey and John Wilson (VP of HR). 
Celebrating 30 and 35 Years 

From left, Rebecca Wright, Carol Perlow, Renee Brittain, Tim Leonard, Pamela Vaughn, Jerry Penner (CEO) and Janice Wallace.
Celebrating 40 Years

From left, Faye Key, Jerry Penner (CEO) Ginny Hulse and Dana Bazzell. 

Photos by Madison Utley / Murray-Calloway County Hospital