Posted 09/15/2016

Murray Calloway Endowment for Healthcare partners with Mrs. Linda Outland of the Merle Norman Cosmetics and Wig Company to present The Hughes Bennett Smiles for A Wig Fund.

Hughes Bennett was a former cancer patient at Murray-Calloway County Hospital.  It was the wish of his widow, Mrs. Hilda Bennett, that he be remembered for his outgoing and engaging personality.  Huges was known for his ability to bring a smile to the face of anyone he met.  To this end the Hughes Bennett Smiles Fund is now working to assist others who are facing a battle with cancer.

Patients dealing with the disease are usually scheduled to utilize chemotherapy as part of their treatment regimen and with this treatment there is a strong likelihood that hair loss will be an outcome and this is where The Hughes Bennett Smiles for A Wig Fund would like to help with a smile.  Patients will present a signed letter from their physician to receive a $100 discount for the purchase of a wig and accessories.  This program is totally voluntary and patients do not have to participate if they do not want to.

Linda Outland at Merle Norman has an inventory of 800 wigs on hand.  Each visit from patients will include trimming, styling and fitting the wig.

Oncologists Dr. Ahmadi and Dr. Garretson have more information about the program and can assist patients with their cancer treatment plan.

For more information about The Hughes Bennett Smiles for A Wig Fund or about Murray Calloway endowment for Healthcare, contact Keith Travis, VP of Development at 270.762.1908.