Murray-Calloway Endowment for Healthcare

With a tradition of caring and giving for over 100 years, the Murray-Calloway County Hospital has a goal to provide the region with the latest in technology and services. Our commitment to provide the best quality and cost effective healthcare has not changed over the years, but our sophisticated, life-saving technologies are changing constantly, allowing our region to have the highest quality of healthcare – close to home.

As a not-for-profit hospital, you can be assured that the dollars we receive and the decisions made will best support the needs within our region. The Murray-Calloway Endowment for Healthcare accepts gifts of the behalf of Murray-Calloway County Hospital, a community owned hospital. We work to fund both present and future equipment and program needs.

Your gift is an investment in good health. You, too, can make your community a better place to live and work. You can designate your help to the Residential Hospice House, Rural Physician Education Fund, Cancer Patient Fund or to our Unrestricted Fund.

McDevitt, Hahs & Keys Society - ($750,000.00 + )
Anonymous Donor 1

Clark, Austin & Quertermous Society - ($100,000.00 + )
Mr. Kenneth Owen
W.K. Kellog Foundation

Benefactors - ($40,000+)
Anonymous Donor 2
Anonymous Donor 3
The Hugh T. Carroll Family
Mr. John Parker and Mrs. Julia A. Parker
The Murray Bank

Visionaries - ($20,000+)
Interest Income
MCCH Endowment

Builders - ($10,000+)
Mr. Bob Billington and Mrs. Jeannie H. Billington
DC Electric
Mr. Sid EAsley and Mrs. Melissa Easley
Mr. James D. Garrison and Mrs. Edith Garrison
Geotech Engineering & Testing, Inc.
Heritage Bank
The Michael Holton Family
Mr. Dan Hutson and Mrs. Sue H. Hutson
Insurance Center of Murray
Johnson & Johnson
Marcum Engineering LLC
McConnell Insurance Agency
Medical Arts Pharmacy
Murray Anesthesia Group
Murray Hospital Auxiliary
Pella Rolscreen Foundation
Mr. Walter Polly and Mrs. Margaret Polly
Poplar Springs Baptist Church
Mr. Stuart Poston and Mrs. Donna Poston
Radiology Associates of Murray
Dr. Jack Rose and Mrs. Janice F. Rose
Dr. Brinda Smith
Mr. Dwain Taylor
Mr. Gary Taylor and Mrs. Peggy Taylor
Mr. Tommye D Taylor and Mrs. Anna F. Taylor
Mr. Keith Travis and Mrs. Joan Travis
Dr. Richard F. Weaver and Dr. Janice F. Weaver
Waburn & Brenda Wyatt Family- Stephanie; Kerry & Rachel; Terry & Kim

Caregivers - ($1,000+)
Mr. William Adams, III and Mrs. Jill Adams
Dairy Queen, Mr. Hal Kemp and Mrs. Leslie Kemp
Mr. Timothy U. Allbritten and Mrs. Linda C. Allbritten
Dr. Arthur Allen and Mrs. Sheila Allen
Dr. Tiche K. Allen and Mr. Jeffrey L. Allen
Almo Church of Christ
Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation
Mr. Ron K. Arant and Mrs. Cheryl M. Arant
Ms. Margaret M. Arnold
Mr. Tommy Arnold
Mr. Keith E. Bailey and Mrs. Janet Bailey
Ms. Bonnie Baker
Mr. Alan S. Barber and Mrs. Cassie Barber
Mr. Richard D. Bazzell and Mrs. Dana H. Bazzell
Mr. Bradley Bloemer and Mrs. Ann Marie Bloemer
Blue and Company
Mr. David Boyd and Mrs. Sherri L. Boyd
Mr. Earl E. Boyer and Mrs. Shelby J. Boyer
Mr. Rick W. Bray and Mrs. Melony D. Bray
Bridge Homecare Partners
Mr. Donald Brittain and Mrs. Rene L. Brittain
Dr. David F. Bryson and Mrs. Jennifer S. Bryson
Mr. Steven W. Burford and Mrs. Susan Buford
Mr. Thomas H. Busse and Mrs. Bonnie H. Busse
C.A. Jones Management Group, LLC
Mr. William G. Call and Mrs. Brenda G. Call
Calloway County Cooperative Extension Office
Mr. Bob L. Cavitt and Mrs. Linda J. Cavitt
Dr. Raymond J. Charette and Mrs. Diane Charette
Mr. Ronald Churchill and Mrs Ann Perry Churchill
Mr. David Clark and Mrs. Jill B. Clark
Community Health Care Partners
Mr. James Cook
Mr. Mike Cooper and Mrs. Whitney Cooper
Dr. Jimmy E. Couch and Mrs. Sara A. Couch
Credit Bureau Systems INC.
Dr. Richard H. Crouch and Mrs. Cheryl S. Crouch
Cyberonics, Inc.
Dr. Tyrone L. Daniels and Mrs. Terry L. Daniels
Mr. Gary Darnell and Mrs. Diana McClain Darnell
Ms. Ruth Daughaday
David Taylor Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Mr. Richard A. Davis and Mrs. Susan E. Davis
Mr. Michael C. Davison and Mrs. Kitty R. Davison
Mr. Jeffery DeHaan
Mr. Robert DeHaan III
Mr. Joe Dick and Mrs. Linda Dick
Mr. Danny J. Dick and Mrs. Sandra Dick
Dr. David Eldredge and Mrs. Judy Eldredge
Judge Executive Larry Elkins and Mrs. Janie Elkins
EmCare Emergency Medicine
Mr. John K. Emerson and Mrs. Vicki A. Emerson
EMS Management LLC
Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana
Family Allergy & Asthma
Mr. Richard Farrell
Fidalgo Bay
First Christian Church
First Presbyterian Church
First United Methodist Church
Mr. Ryan Flota and Mrs. Whitney Flota
Dr. Robin M. Floyd and Mrs. Kamille E. Floyd
FNB Bank
Mr. Tripp Furches and Mrs. Sharon W. Furches
Mr. Don H. Futrell and Mrs. Debra P. Futrell
Get Me
Mr. David C. Griffo and Mrs. Kimberely S. Griffo
Mr. Eddie C. Hale and Mrs. Darlene Hale
Ms. Courtney Harness
Mr. Everett D. Hart
Mr. James C. Hart
Hart Real Estate Account
Ms. Rachel L. Haugh and Miss. Ava Elliott
Mr. Robert W. Head and Mrs. Nita Head
Mr. Clarence W. Herndon and Mrs. Donna R. Herndon
Ms. Betty L. Hill
Hilliard Lyons, INC.
Mr. Charles M. Hoke and Mrs. Anne W. Hoke
Mr. Rudy Holland
Dr. Tara Houston
Mr. Ronnie G. Hubbard and Mrs. Mary S. Hubbard
Hutson, Inc.
Imes-Miller Funeral Home
Independence Foundation Inc.
Interstate Batteries
J.H. Churchill Funeral Home
Dr. Herschel S. Jackson and Mrs. Karen M. Jackson
Mr. Joe Pat James and Mrs. Lola C. James
Jasmine Thai & Sushi
Jim DeFew Custom Painting and Body Shop
JL & Sons, LLC
Mr. John Johnson and Mrs. Christine D. Johnson
Dr. Conrad H. Jones and Mrs. Evelyn L. Jones
Mr. Troy Joyce and Mrs. Jimmie R. Joyce
JRA, Inc.
KAPPA Department
Keller Williams Experience Realty, Loretta Jobs Principal Br
Mrs. Molly Kelley
Dr. Prue Kelly and Mrs. Linda Kelly
Kentucky Lake Moving and Storage
Kentucky Lake Oil Co., Inc.
Kentucky Medical Services Foundation, Inc.
Mr. David King
Ms. Janet B. Kirk
Dr. Kanchan Koirala and Dr. Regina Poudel
Lake Chem Community Federal Credit Union
Lattimore, Black, Morgan & Cain, P.C.
Legacy Oxygen and Home Care
Liberty Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Dr. Gordy Loberger and Mrs. Ethelyn Loberger
Dr. Bob Lochte and Mrs. Kate Lochte
Dr. Robert F. Long and Mrs. Patricia M. Long
Dr. Lal Mangla
Sheriff William E. Marcum and Mrs. Carolyn A. Marcum
Dr. Gary Marquardt and Mrs. Brenda K. Marquardt
Mr. David Martin and Mrs. Janet Martin
Mr. Robert K. Martin and Mrs. Shirley Martin
Ms. Lynn Martinson
Ms. Jeanne L. Mathis
Mr. Christopher A. Mayfield and Mrs. Emily Mayfield
MCCH Business Office
MCCH Endowment Bay
MCCH Hospice Department
MCCH Spring Creek Health Care Bee Positive Committee
Mr. Johnny McDougal and Mrs. Charlotte McDougal
Mr. Richard D. McGee and Mrs. Belinda McGee
Mr. Mark McLemore and Mrs. Linda McLemore
Ms. Keena J. Miller
Ms. Judith C. Moore
Mr. Vernon Moore and Mrs. Janet Henry
Dr. Derek Morgan
MSU Accounting & Fiscal Services
MSU Volleyball Team
Murray Convention and Visitors Bureau
Murray Electric System
Murray Fast Pitch Club
Murray Medical Associates
Murray Ophthalmology Associates
Murray State University Foundation, Inc.
Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Theodore Myre Jr.
Mr. Nagin G. Nathu and Mrs. Gopal J. Nathu
New Life Christian Worship Center
Mr. Rick Nance and Mrs. Anne Newberry
Ms. Vera L. Nordhoff
Mr. Robert R. Olson and Mrs. Karen Olson
Mr. Terence D. Olson and Mrs. Laura Olson
Mr. Joe F. Orr and Mrs. Winelle P. Orr
Mr. Steven B. Owens and Mrs. Phyllis E. Owens
Paducah Physiatric Partners
Mr. Charles Pangborn
Park Place International
Dr. Sandra W. Parks
Mr. Brady Parks and Mrs. Vicki Parks
Parkway Chrysler, Benton KY
PeCo Products, LLC
Peel & Holland
Pella Corporation
Mr. Jerome Penner III and Mrs. Jamie Penner
PHI Air Medical
Primary Care Medical Center
Pro Wash of Murray
Purchase Gastroenterology
R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc.
Mr. Larry Ragsdale and Mrs. Cynthia Hussey-Ragsdale
Mr. Michael Randolph and Mrs. Carole Randolph
Mr. Joe Pat Ray and Mrs. Lisa Winters-Ray
Mr. John E. Rebuck and Mrs. Jocelyn K. Rebuck
Regions Bank
Mr. Eric Rogers and Mrs. Christina Rogers
Mr. William Rogers and Mrs. Ruth Rogers
Dr. Monte E. Rommelman and Mrs. Kimberly A. Rommelman
Rotary Club of Murray
Dr. John M. Sallee
Mr. Gordon K. Sapp and Mrs. Barbara Sapp
Ms. Suzanne C. Seeley
Mr. Warren Shropshire and Mrs. Virginia Shropshire
Signet Health Corp.
South Pleasant Grove U.M.W.
St. John's Episcopal Church
Mr. Mark B. Steadham
Mr. Donald L. Story
Dr. Richard Stout and Mrs. Lynn H. Stout
Mr. Dan K. Taylor and Mrs. Beverly G. Taylor
Mr. David M. Taylor and Mrs. Jennifer B. Taylor
Dr. Randy K. Taylor and Mrs. Lee A. Taylor
The Heart Group
Mr. David D. Travis and Mrs. Vickie C. Travis
Mr. Don Travis and Mrs. Nancy T. Travis
Dr. John E. Tveite and Mrs. Pat Tveite
UK College of Medicine
US Bank
Dr. Richard Vonnahme and Mrs. Dee Dee Vonnahme
W D Steel Construction Services, LLC
Mr. Todd Walker and Mrs. Sheila Walker
Mr. Joe Ward and Mrs. Beth Ward
Yancey and Jean Watkins
Anne and Mayor Bill Wells
West Kentucky Surgical, Inc.
Westlake Financial Group, Inc.
Mr. Joey Williams and Mrs. Pamela S. Williams
Mr. John R. Wilson and Mrs. Jamie M. Wilson
Dr. William E. Wilson
Mr. Kenneth W. Winters and Mrs. Shirley A. Winters
WKMS Radio
Woodmen of the World, Lodge 592
Woodmen of the World, Lodge 728
Mr. Thomas M. Woods and Mrs. Dorothy J. Woods
WPSD Local 6
Mr. Daniel H. Wright and Mrs. Rebecca B. Wright
Mr. Chuck Wynn
Dr. Leslie Yates
Mr. Chris Yoo
Ms. Jung J. Yoon
Dr. Burton R. Young and Mrs. Cathy L. Young
Ms. Janet K. Zweedyk

Patrons - ($500+)
Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Mohammad Alruwaished
Ms. Shelly R. Ameling
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 73
Ms. Gail S. Arnold
Mrs. Susan Jill D. Asher
Dr. Clegg Austin and Mrs. Faye B. Austin
Kelley Auston
Ms. Sheila G. Baker
Ms. Annette Ballard
Ms. Beryl Barber
Barrett Equipment Co, LLC
Ms. Cambray A. Bergmann
Better Health Chiropractic
Mr. Howard Boone and Mrs. Rhonda Boone
Ms. Norma L. Boyer
Mr. Howard Brandon and Mrs. Ruth Brandon
Brenntag Midsouth
Ms. Mitzi G. Cobb
Mr. William Bucy
Dr. Steve W. Bumb and Mrs. Susanna Bumb
Mrs. Martha Butterworth
Mr. Michael L. Cain
Mr. Gean Cherry
Ms. Patricia Cherry
Mr. Rickey Clark and Mrs. Frances L. Clark
Mrs. Kaye Clark
Ms. Ruth E. Cole
Ms. Delana J. Cornwell
Mr. Zachary H. Cothran and Mrs. Tammy D. Cothran
Dr. Jimmy E. Couch and Mrs. Heidi Couch
Ms. Betty Jo Crass
Mr. John Dale and Mrs. Marsha Dale
Mr. Kenneth R. Darnell and Mrs. Karen Darnell
Ms. Rhonda K. Darnell
Ms. Pamela L. Deitz
Mr. Artie D'Elia and Mrs. Carol D'Elia
Dr. Catherine N. Dickinson
Mr. Thomas D. Dixon
Ms. Rhonda S. Downey
Ms. Amanda Dunn
Mr. James Easter and Mrs. Beth A. Easter
Ms. Lisa M. Ellis
Eyecare Associates of Kentucky, P.S.C.
First Christian Church Women's Fellowship
Mr. Russell L. Flood
Dr. Alison Ford
Ms. Shirley F. Futrell
Mr. James A. Gibson and Mrs. Margaret Gibson
Ms. Gina S. Gream
Ms. Mindy L. Green
Ms. Amy C. Grogan
Mr. Barry Grogan and Mrs. Fonda Grogan
Suzanne Harrett
Mr. David Harrington and Mrs. Patricia Harrington
Ms. Shannon M. Harris
Mr. Brian K. Harrison
Hart Ophthalmology Associates, P.S.C
Ms. Ann Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Herndon
Mr. James Hill and Mrs. Jill Hill
Ms. Heidi Hordyk
Bob Howorka
Mr. Danny Hudspeth and Mrs. Regina Hudspeth
Ms. Cindy Hutson
Mr. Foster Josh and Dr. Danielle Foster
Ms. Teresa L. Kalberer
Mr. Randell Kamber
Ms. Pamela Keller
Mr. Ronald Kelly and Mrs. Penny E. Kelly
Mrs. Tonia L. Kelly
Kentucky Hospital Association
Dr. Christopher M. King and Mrs. Jennifer H. King
Kirksey W.O.W. Lodge No 170
Mr. William Kopperud and Mrs. Kathy Kopperud
Lady Tiger Soccer Club
Ms. Eleanor Lankford
Ms. Dianne K. Lavalle
Mr. Kyser T. Lough
Mr. William Lyle and Mrs. Judith R. Lyle
Mrs. Lonna M. Lynn
Mr. Paul Lyons and Mrs. Betty Lyons
Dr. Melissa C. Mangold
Mason's Chapel United Methodist Church
Ms. Patricia Massey
Mr. John Mateja and Mrs. Sally Mateja
Cynthia F. McArtor
Ms. Datha D. McCallon
MCCH Environmental Service Second Shift
MCCH Health Information Management Department
Ms. Mary K. McCormack
Mr. Bobby McDowell
Ms. Tonya S. Mcintosh
Mr. Daniel McKeel and Mrs. Ann McKeel
Ferrell Miller
Mr. Roy N. Miller and Mrs. Virginia S. Miller
Mr. Danny Morton and Mrs. Hazel C. Morton
Mr. Lorinda J. Murdock
Mrs. Bridget A. Murphy
Murray Lions Club
Murray Pediatrics, PLLC
Murray Supply Company, Inc.
Murray Woman's Clinic
Murray Womens Club Delta Department
Murray-Calloway County Community Foundation
Murry Calloway County Board of Realtors
Ms. Joyce Nunnally
Oaks Country Club
Mrs. Betty Outland Vinson
Ms. Martha J. Pace
Mr. Tony L. Page
Parker Ford-Lincoln
Mr. Aaron Perkins
Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Perlow
Ms. Susan W. Phillips
Puckett's Fine Jewelry
Quarterback Club of MHS
Ms. Bernadine Quinio Brown
Mr. David H. Rackley and Mrs. Mary S. Rackley
Ms. Bonnie S. Raspberry
Reynolds & Doyle Inc.
Ribbon Chix
Mr. Jimmy Rickman and Mrs. Dortha "Dot" Rickman
Ms. Debra L. Riley
Ms. JoAnne Roberts
Ms. Jo Robertson
Ms. Joannah M. Rogers
Alice Rouse
Mr. William R. Rouse
Ms. Kenna J. Sapp
Mrs. Scott Scott and Mrs. Margie Scott
Mr. Brian Sinclair
Ms. Louella Smotherman
Mrs. Michelle L. Smothers
Ms. Connie F. Stalls
Stanford Obi-Obi Law Office
Ms. Glen Starks
Ms. Laura J. Steele
Mr. Howard Steely and Mrs. Anna Lou Coleman
Ms. Sherry L. Stockwell
Mr. Henry Stone and Mrs. Joan Stone
Mr. Bobby Stubblefield and Mrs. Clara Stubblefield
Mr. Paul Styka
The Big Apple Café
Ms. Carolyn Thorne
Top Gun Car Show
Mr. Martin Tracy and Mrs. Patsy D. Tracy
Dr. Steve Trevathan
Ms. Ashley R. Tucker
Dr. Robert Tucker
Mr. Bryan Warner and Mrs. Cadelia A. Turpin
Ms. Janis G. Underwood
Union County Homemakers
United Way of Calloway County
Unity Community Homemakers
Mr. Thomas Villaflor
Ms. Janice M. Wallace
West Kentucky Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Westlake Vinyls, Inc.
Mr. Frances E. Wiggins
Mr. Patrick N. Williams and Mrs. Patricia A. Williams
Ms. Mary Ann Wise
Mr. Richard Youngblood

Partners - ($250+)
Mr. Eddie Adams and Mrs. Vonnie S. Adams
Mrs. Susan Adams
Dr. Mehdi Ahmadi
Mr. Stuart E. Alexander and Mrs. Dana E. Alexander
Mr. Roy B. Alexander and Mrs. Constance A. Alexander
Alexander Thompson Arnold PLLC
Mr. Lance Allison and Mrs. Terra A. Allison
Mrs. Patricia W. Anderson
Mrs. Rainey Apperson
Ms. Christi R. Arnold
Automated Building Concepts Inc.
Mr. Michael Baker and Mrs. Vickie Baker
Mrs. Crystal G. Barber
Ms. Jana M. Barnett
Mr. John B. Barnett and Mrs. Deann T. Barnett
Ms. Marianne Beck
Ms. Jael L. Becker
Mrs. Beth P. Belote and Jack Belote
Ms. Antionette M. Birdsong
Mrs. Robin Blake
Ms. Denise Boaz
Dr. Michael Bobo and Mrs. Sharon Bobo
Rhonda G. Boone
Mr. Eric Bourne
Mr. Curtis Boyd and Mrs. Connie Boyd
Mr. David Boyd
Ms. Beauton Brandon
Ms. Shanna C. Brewer
Briggs and Stratton
Ms. Belinda R. Briggs
Dr. John Bright and Mrs. Jane Bright
Ms. Marie R. Brimer
Mr. Ray Broach and Mrs. Martha S. Broach
Mrs. Lei A. Brown
Mr. Joe F. Browning and Mrs. Mary C. Browning
Ms. Lori A. Bruce
Mark Buckingham
Mrs. Amber L. Bucy
Bug Master
Mr. Charles Burkeen
Ms. Elizabeth A. Burkeen
Ms. Tina A. Burns
Mr. Jimmy Butterworth and Mrs. Inez Butterworth
Mr. Larry Callihan and Mrs. Lori Callihan
Ms. Kimberly K. Campbell
Ms. Renita L. Carter
Mrs. Sharon L. Carter
Ms. Mitzi S. Cathey
Mr. Clayton A. Chapman
Ms. Sheryl J. Chapman
Dr. Cathryn Christopher
City of Murray
Ms. Linda K. Clark
Mr. Max S. Cleaver
CMI Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc
Coca Cola Refreshments
Ms. Anna Lou Coleman
Community Foundation of West Kentucky
Dr. Gene Cook
Dr. Gene Cook, Jr.
Mr. Mark Cooper and Mrs. Marilyn Cooper
Carolyn S. Craig
Mr. Walter M. Cramer
Mr. Joseph C. Crawford
Virginie Darrow
Mr. Tim A. Daughrity and Mrs. Victoria A. Daughrity
Larry Davis
Ms. Marilyn J. Derington
Mr. Gary W. Dick and Mrs. Gail Dick
Dick's Sporting Goods Inc.
Ms. Carolyn E. Dinning
Ms. Rebecca K. Dirks
Doran Foundation, Inc
Mr. Frank Doran and Mrs. Susan Doran
Mr. Glenn Doran and Mrs. Anne Doran
Mrs. Beverly A. Dukes
Mr. Ray Dunn
Dwain Taylor Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac
Ms. Beth A. Edwards
Ms. Julia L. English
Ms. Melinda English
e-Tel Murray, LLC
Ms. Jennifer K. Fannin
Ms. Kathleen L. Farley
Ms. Mertie B. Farrow
Mr. Mark Ferguson and Mrs. Mirriam Ferguson
Ms. Carrie I. Fletcher
Mr. Jack Foley and Mrs. Linda L. Foley
Dr. H.W. Ford
Form Fast
Ms. Sherry Fox
Ms. Stella Franklin
Mr. Doyle Futrell
Mr. Raymond Galloway
Ms. Sonya R. Garland
Mr. David Garrison and Mrs. Sylvia Garrison
Mr. Thomas E. Gray and Mrs. Barbara B. Gray
Ms. Bertha A. Griffin
Ms. Kim A. Grogan
Ms. Denise L. Haley
Ms. Pat Harcourt
Ms. Peggy S. Harrell
Dr. Robert Harris and Mrs. Jo Ann Roberts
Mr. A. R. Hatcher and Mrs. Melva Hatcher
Ms. Rachel L. Haugh
Ms. Ann Hayes
Mary Beth Hays
Hazel Woman's Club
Ms. Dawn R. Henderson
Mr. Jerry Higgins and Mrs. Barbara J. Higgins
Mr. Warren Hopkins and Mrs. Sally Hopkins
Ms. Deborah G. Houston
Mr. Larry E. Hurt and Mrs. Joyce Hurt
Mr. Henery Hutson and Mrs. Patricia Hutson
Industrial Maintenance & Construction, INC
Ms. Monica J. Inglish
Ms. Penney L. Irvin
Mrs. Cindy K. James
Ms. Donna J. James
Mr. Glenn James
Ms. Kathleen M. Jarvis
Ms. Esther W. Jenkins
Ms. Lori M. Jewell
Mr. Chuck A. Jones and Mrs. Sarah C. Jones
Ms. Sondra K. Kader
Kenlake Foods/Krogers
Kentucky Kids Consignment Sales, LLC
Ms. Kathy A. King
Ms. Stacy D. Kinkead
Ms. Alesia G. Knight
Ms. Deborah Knight
Knights of Columbus
Ms. Kay Lawrence
Mr. Jim Lawson and Mrs. Delores Johnson
Ms. Kalaisevi Loganathan
Dr. Conie C. Lowery and Mrs. Betty H. Lowry
Ms. Julia Lyles
Ms. Vanessa E. Lyons
Martha's Restaurant
Michael Martinson
Massey BP, LLC
Ms. Sarah Massey
Ms. Melanie Mathis
McCartney Produce
MCCH Radiology Department
MCCH Surgery
Ms. Alison L. McClanahan
Ms. Marjorie E. McClard
Ms. Virginia L. McClure
Ms. Shayreah D. McCuiston
Mr. Scott McDonough
Ms. Jennifer A. McGee
McIver Urological Clinic
Ms. Tracy McKinney
Lester McWilliams
Mr. David Melson and Mrs. Myra A. Melson
Ms. Dinah V. Melton
Ms. Lynne Meyers
Dr. Dan Miller
Mr. Frances G. Miller
Dr. Jackie P. Milo
Mitchell T. Ryan Attorney At Law
Ms. Tammi N. Mitchell
Mrs. Laura L. Mitchuson
Dr. Allen H. Moffitt and Mrs. Georgianna Moffitt
Morningstar Foods. LLC
Ms. Catherine Morris
Ms. Valerie J. Morris
Susan Muller
Murray Board of Education
Murray CVB
Murtco Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Mr. Hassan-ALI K. Nabavi-Nouri and Dr. Dawn Deeter
Ms. Mellodean Nanney
New Life Associates, INC.
Ms. Ann Newcom
Mr. Billy Nix and Mrs. Janice Nix
Mr. Larry K. Nixon and Mrs. Teresa Nixon
Mrs. Stephanie D. Nutter-Osborne
Mr. Jack Oates and Mrs. Anita Oates
Outland Farms, Murray KY
Ms. Linda K. Palmer
Ms. Deborah Pardue
Mr. Dan Parker and Mrs. Mitzi E. Parker
Mr. Montelle R. Parsons
Ms. Carolyn Paschall
Paschall Truck Lines, Inc.
Mr. Steven R. Pavey
Jennifer L. Pendergrast
Mr. Robert Peskuski and Mrs. Peggy Peskuski
Mr. Tommy Phillips and Mrs. Jean P. Phillips
Ms. Susan S. Powell
Premier Fire Protection, Inc
Mrs. Marcie A. Prescott
Ms. Misty L. Ramsey
Ms. Kimberly K. Ray
Ms. Karen K. Reed
Mr. Tommy Reid and Mrs. Genese Reid
Ms. Debbie Richardson
Ms. Aline L. Roberts
Mr. Larry K. Roberts and Mrs. Donna Roberts
Mr. Charles Robinson and Mrs. Reita Robinson
Dr. William E. Robinson, Jr.
Ronnie Holmes Construction
Melissa G. Ross
Ms. Beverly N. Roth
Mr. Hugh T. Rushing
Lisa D. Satterwhite
Ms. Joy V. Sauhamel
SBG Investment Group LLC
Schmitt Medical LLC
Ms. Henry Schwier
Ms. Tina Sexton
Ms. Shari L. Sherwood
Mr. Charles H. Shipley and Mrs. Jean E. Shipley
Lisa Shoemaker
Ms. Julie I. Sholarv
Heidi Shultz
Jim Sims
Mr. Scott Sivills and Mrs. Catherine Sivills
Ms. Anna L. Smith
Mrs. Betty J. Smith
Mr. Dewayne Smith and Mrs. Becky Smith
Ms. Mary E. Smith
Mr. Danny Steel
Ms. Jane Steely
Mr. Donald S. Steffey and Mrs. Jan Steffey
Ms. Sharon K. Story
Swim, Bike, Run
Mr. Anthony W. Thomas and Mrs. Tonda Thomas
Ms. Tammy L. Thomason
Ms. Anna V. Thornton
Mr. Randy Thornton and Mrs. Pam Thornton
Thurmond Insurance, LLC
Mr. Kenneth Tidwell and Mrs. Ellen P. Tidwell
Ms. Carolyn S. Tinsley
Toyota of Murray
UMW Quilters
Ms. Kathy G. Underhill
Mr. James Valentine and Mrs. Vicki H. Valentine
Ms. Deborah B. Vance
Ms. Tracy S. Vickery
Mr. Billy L. Vincent
Mr. C. D. Vinson, Jr. and Mrs. Betty O. Vinson
Wacker Chemical Corporation
Ms. Jennifer A. Walker
Ms. Belinda Wallis
Ms. Jana L. Ward
Mr. Thomas E. Warren
Waterton Medical PLLC
Mr. John Weatherly and Mrs. Bobbie Weatherly
Mr. Douglas K. West
Mr. Richard White and Mrs. Nancy White
Ms. Margaret C. Whiteside
Mr. Patrick N. Williams and Mrs. Patricia A. Williams
Mr. John C. Winter
Ms. Darlene Workman
Ms. Glenna S. Workman
Wyatt Law
Mr. Randy L. Wyatt and Mrs. Teri A. Wyatt
Dr. John Yezerski and Mrs. Martha M. Yezerski
York Funeral Home
Ms. Eddie Young

Friends - ($100+)
Mr. William Abernathy and Mrs. Conie L. Abernathy
Ms. Jess Adams
Mr. William Adams and Mrs. Genevieve Adams
Mr. Winston S. Adams
Mr. Charles D. Akridge and Mrs. Nona Akridge
Mr. Tom D. Alexander
Mr. Ihsan Ali Alkhatib and Mrs. Maysoon Khatib
Mr. George Allbritten
Ms. Nikki Allen
Terry Allen
Ms. Amber K. Anderson
Ms. Sherrie Anderson
Mr. James R. Andrews and Mrs. Julie R. Andrews
Aqua Treat of Kentucky
Ms. Donna Arneson
Mr. Dale Arnold and Mrs. Janet Arnold
Mr. John L. Arntz
Mr. Charles F. Bailey and Mrs. Daisy M. Bailey
Ms. Beth Baker
Ms. David Balentine
Mr. Geoffery S. Ball
Bank of Cadiz & Trust Co.
Ms. Susan Bargo
Ms. Louella D. Barrett
Dr. Terry R. Barrett
Ms. Mary Jo Bartholomy
Ms. Nichole R. Barton
Mr. William H. Baxley III
Mr. Chad Bazzell
Mr. Dan Bazzell
Ms. Marcia J. Beam
Mr. Durwood W. Beatty and Mrs. Wilma J. Beatty
Mr. Bryan Beckwith
Mr. Rodney Beeker
Mr. Steve D. Bell and Mrs. Carma Bell
Mr. Gerald Bell and Mrs. Terry S. Parker-Bell
Mr. Donald Bennett and Mrs. Jean Bennett
Mr. Keri Bennett
Benton Church of Christ
Mr. Jimbo Berry
Mr. Michael P. Betts and Mrs. Teresa Betts
Ms. Amy Bevil
Ms. Stefani Billington
Ms. Melenie M. Bishop
Mrs. Hollie J. Bixbyv
Mr. James Black
Blackboard, Inc.
Ms. Jean Blankenship
Ms. Joyce K. Bogard
Ms. Cheryl Bohannon
Ms. Karen S. Bolls
Mr. James Boone and Mrs. Shirley Boone
Ms. Margaret Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boren
Ms. Renee Boston
Ms. Betty R. Bouland
Ms. Lillian Bowden
Ms. Sarah Bowden
Ms. Jane Bowling
Mr. Earl C. Bowlsby and Mrs. Jessie E. Bowlsby
Mr. Gary W. Boyle and Mrs. Deborah J. Boyle
Mr. Gary Boyle and Mrs. Deborah Boyle
Mr. David Bradford
Mr. Arthur Brandon and Mrs. Martha Brandon
Ms. Dawn L. Brandon
Ms. Brenda Brandon Estes
Mr. Max H. Brandon and Mrs. Barbara Brandon
Ms. Nicole Brandon
Mr. Darrell Brantley and Mrs. Paula Brantley
Ms. Vicki Brantley
Mr. Gene Bray and Mrs. Sharon Bray
Mr. John Brennan
Ms. Jackie S. Brenny
Bridge Club
Mr. Bruce Brockenborough
Mr. Thomas (Tab) Brockman and Mrs. Beth Brockman
Ms. Lisa M. Bromley
Mr. Aaron M. Brown
Ms. Amanda G. Brown
Mr. Billy Brown
Mr. Richard R. Brown
Ms. Alissa R. Bryan
Ms. Daniella B. Buchanan
Ms. Ora Buchanan
Ms. Virginia Buchanan
Mr. Buddy Buckingham
Andrea L. Buckner-Fassiotto
Ms. Vida Bucy
Michael Bugg
Ms. Tracie L. Bullock
Mr. Cloyd Bungardner
Ms. Nancy J. Burcham
Mr. Ronald E. Burchett and Mrs. Marina Burchett
Tyler Burgess
Mr. Andrew N. Burkeen and Mrs. Janeen T. Burkeen
Mr. J B Burkeen and Mrs. Evelyn Jo Burkeen
Mr. Jimmie Burkeen and Mrs. Patricia Burkeen
Ms. Mary L. Burkeen
Mr. Dan Burtnett
Anna C. Bushrod
Isaiah Butler
Mr. Paul Lamb and Mrs. Jodi Butler
Mrs. Norma J. Butler
Mrs. Montesa Byars
Ms. Dina J. Byers
Somer R. Byrd
Dr. James Byrn
Mr. Gary D. Cadd and Mrs. Kathy Cadd
Mr. Chester Caddas and Mrs. Bette C. Caddas
Mr. Jack V. Cain and Mrs. Laverne Cain
Ms. Darlene Calkin
Calkin Family Reunion
Lori Callihan
Calloway County Pictorial History
Calloway Monument Works
Calvert City Lumber
Campbell Realty & Auction
Ms. Marion D. Capps
Ms. Shelby N. Capps
Ms. Alina Carnahan
Ms. Euva N. Carraway
Mr. Tommy Carraway and Mrs. Peggy W. Carraway
Mr. James Carson
Mr. Zachary A. Carter
Mr. Mark Cash and Mrs. Tonya Cash
Lynne Caulkins
Ms. Chong Cazares
Mario Cazares
Cellar Door Wine & Spirits
Centrifugal Technologies, IN
Ms. Rosetta Chaiamnat
Mr. Clarence F. Chambers and Mrs. Harriet Chambers
Mr. Steven Champine and Mrs. Melissa A. Champine
Mr. Joe G. Chaney and Mrs. Lynda P. Chaney
Ms. Karen Chapman
Mr. Don Cherry and Mrs. Linda Cherry
Ms. Barbara D. Chilcutt
Robert W. Chilcutt
Ms. Shirley Ciammaichella
Mr. Rickey Clark and Mrs. Frances L. Clark
Mr. Bruce Clay and Mrs. Melissa Clay
Ms. Mary Clemons
Mr. Charles K. Cochran and Mrs. Iva L. Cochran
Ms. Andrew B. Cochrum
Mr. Joe Cohoon and Mrs. Cyndi Cohoon
Ms. Sharon Colee
Ms. Coleman
Miranda S. Coles
Ms. Maryna Collins
Commercial Door & Hardware, Inc
Community Bank
Ms. Nancy S. Conley
Mr. Doris M. Conner
Construction Practices Committee
Mr. Jack Wigmann and Mrs. Loraine E. Cook
Mrs. Janette M. Cooper
Mr. Gary Cope and Mrs. Matilda S. Cope
Ms. Lisa Cope
Ms. Rosanne R. Cornett
Ms. Lanie Cornwell
Mr. Roy E. Cothran and Mrs. Diana Cothran
Ms. Janice Cotterman
Ms. Brenda Couch
Mr. and Ms. Dennis J. Courtney
Ms. Tonia Courtney
Mr. Robert M. Craft and Mrs. D'Anne Craft
Ron Marilyn & Miles Craig
Mr. Bill Crass and Mrs. Rosa A. Crass
Ms. Krista Crass
Mr. Bob N. Crawford and Mrs. Martha Crawford
Creative Arts Murray Woman's Club
Ms. Amanda Crenshaw
Ms. Karen J. Crick
Ms. Susan R. Crisp
Mr. Richard Crittendon and Mrs. Sherry Crittendon
Imogene Crotts
Ms. Barbara Crouch
Ms. Vicki L. Csatari
Mr. Eddie F. Culver
Mr. Guy Cunningham
Ms. Valerie S. Cunningham
Ms. Linda C. Curry
Joe E. Curtis
Mr. Alan Curtsinger
D. K. Kelley
Ms. Kay Dalton and Ms. Jan Dalton
Ms. Lisa G. Daniel
Mr. Mike Daniel and Mrs. Debbie Daniel
Mr. Robert P. Danielson
Ms. Jason Darnall
Mr. Chase Darnell
Mr. Ralph Darnell
Ms. Stacy Darnell
Mr. Bill G. Davis
Mr. Wade E. Davis
Mr. Ryan Dawson and Mrs. Melissa Dawson
Ms. Amy P. Day
DBA Culvers of Murray
Dr. Dewey Dean and Mrs. Robin Dean
Mr. Robert DeBoer
Mr. David Denton
Mr. Jody D. DeWitt
Mr. Tyrone Dickson and Mrs. Danielle Dickson
Ms. Gale A. Dillon
Ms. Jill Dobson
Mr. Matthew Dobson
Ms. Melissa A. Dodd
Ms. Beverly Dodson
Ms. Brenda L. Domingue
Donald E. Thomas Law Office
Ms. Joy Donaldson
Donor Motivation
Mr. Harold Doran and Mrs. Kelly W. Doran
Mr. Carson Dossett
Ms. Chasity R. Dotson
Ms. Elisha Dougherty
Mr. Fred L. Douglas
Mr. Girvis R. Dowdy
Mr. Gregory A. Dowdy and Mrs. Robyn L. Dowdy
Mr. Dean Downey
Mr. Michael E. Downey and Mrs. Anna L. Downey
Dragonfly Sisters Bowling
DRJ Software Consulting LLC
Mr. Jerry H. Duncan and Mrs. Karen Duncan
Ms. Renae D. Duncan
Mr. Roy Dunn and/ Mrs. Cecilia Dunn
Mr. Robert F. Dunn and Mrs. Cindy Dunn
Mr. John Durbin
Mrs. Rachel Durrett
Mr. Doug Durst and Mrs. Dana M. Durst
Mr. John C. Dyke
Mr. Earl Swensson Associates
Mr. Damon Eastwood
eCycle Group LLC
Ms. Shana K. Edmaiston
Mr. Warren Edminster and Mrs. Laurie Edminster
Efficient Now, Inc
Ms. Bonnie Elam
Mr. Charles Eldridge and Mrs. Kate Eldridge
Mr. Donald S. Elias
Ms. Jan Elkins
Mr. Christopher G. Elliott
Ellis & Associates
Mr. Chad English and Mrs. Sammie English
Enix Jewelers
Mr. Zee Enix and Mrs. Martha Enix
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Ms. Alicia A. Erwin
Ms. Brenda Brandon Estes
David Etheridge
Ms. Jane Etheridge
Jane Etheridge
Mr. Gary Evans
Karen R. Evans
Ms. Patsy M. Fain
Family Chiropractic
Family Dental Care of Tellico Village
Ms. Myra J. Farley
Ms. Shannon Farley
Mr. Forrest R. Farmer
Mr. Farmer
Mr. Al Farrell and Mrs. Carolyn Farrell
Ms. Bettie L. Farris
Mr. James Farris
Mr. James R. Feltner and Mrs. Linda Feltner
Ferguson Spring Baptist
Mr. Jason Fiessinger
Finder's Keepers
Ms. Sara L. Fineman
First Bank
First Baptist Church/Seekers Bible Class
Ms. Lauren D. Fisher
Mr. Kenny Fister and Mrs. Renee Fister
Ms. Fay N. Flora
Flowers by Whitney
Ms. Cher Foley
Mr. David Foley and Mrs. Sally A. Foley
Mr. Thomas B. Forester
Forever Green lawn Service
Ms. Wanda F. Fortenbery
Mr. James Foster and Mrs. Dorothy Foster
Mr. Ronald Foster
Mr. Phillip Fowler and Mrs. Paula Fowler
Ms. Molena B. Fox
Mr. Ronald L. Fox
Mr. James B. Francis
Mr. James H. Frank
Ms. Carol Frashefski
Ms. Angela F. Freeze
Ms. Mary French
Friends and Neighbors of Hall
Friends of Stroke Support Group
Mr. M. W. Fulkerson
Ms. Davalene A. Fulks
Mr. John Fuqua and Mrs. Jan R. Fuqua
Mr. Darby Futrell
Ms. Donna Futrell
Ms. Pattie Futrell
Mr. Tommy Futrell and Mrs. Teri Futrell
Mr. Joseph C. Gagel
Mr. Davin Gambill
Mr. Steve Gamblin
Mr. Fred Gardner and Mrs. Martha Gardner
Mr. Bernice Garland and Mrs. Cozy Garland
Ms. Christy L. Garland
Mr. David Garland and Mrs. Renee Garland
Mr. Robert Garland
Ms. Katy E. Garth
Ms. Alison D. Geurin
Mr. Ronnie C. Geurin and Mrs. Shirlie Geurin
Ms. Ashley D. Ghasemi
Dr. William Giese and Mrs. Yvonne Giese
Mr. Howard C. Giles
Gilford Flooring
Mr. Ralph Gingles and Mrs. Tamara Gingles
Ms. Sarah C. Gish
Ms. Kylee Gobin
Ms. Joni Goodman
Ms. Molly M. Goodman
Mr. Eric Gordon and Mrs. Brandy Gordon
Mr. Shawn Gordon and Mrs. Joyce Gordon
Ms. Virginia L. Gould
Mr. Kent Grace and Mrs. Becky Grace
Ms. Ronda G. Grafford
Ms. April M. Green
Mr. Keith Green and Mrs. Deena Green
Mr. Jeff Green
Dr. Thomas L. Green and Mrs. Lois Green
Mr. Louie H. Greenfield and Mrs. Carolyn Greenfield
Mr. Ira Greer and Mrs. Sylvia Greer
Ms. Sylvia Greer
Mr. John A. Gregory and Mrs. Charlotte Gregory
Jennifer Greve
Grey's Properties, LLC
Mr. Brad Griffin
Mr. Duane Grimmitt
Grosebeck of Murray
Mr. David L. Groves
Ms. Collette J. Guard
Ms. Carroll W. Guy and Mrs. Sallie Guy
Mr. James P. Hahs and Mrs. Donna G. Hahs
Ms. Martha A. Hale
Mr. Virgil L. Hale
Mr. Nathan Hall
Ms. Ashley V. Hamblen
Mr. Alan Hamblin
Hamlet North Apts & The Villlage Rentals
Ms. Sally Hammann
Mr. Allen R. Hammer and Mrs. Linda A. Hammer
Hancock Brothers
Ms. Erika Hanson
Mr. Bob Hargrove and Mrs. Kathy Hardgrove
Ms. Dorothy M. Hargrove
Harlan Automotive
Mr. Geremy Harper
Mr. Thomas Harper and Mrs. Anita Harper
Ms. Judith Harris
Mr. Ralph Harris and Mrs. Sue Harris
Ms. Tracey Harris
Mr. Virgil M. Harris and Mrs. Anna R. Harris
Ms. Angela C. Harrison
Mr. Dannie Harrison and Mrs. Jackie Harrison
Mr. John Harrison and Mrs. Joyce Harrison
Ms. Lochie F. Hart
Mr. William G. Hart and Mrs. Susan W. Hart
Ms. Barbara Haugh
Mr. Gary Haverstock and Mrs. Nancy J. Haverstock
Mr. Keith E. Hayes and Mrs. Mary Beth Hayes
Ms. Virginia Hays
Ms. Jessica Head
Mr. Gregg Heath and Mrs. Valerie Heath
Mr. David Heathcott
Mrs. Ami L. Heithoff
Mrs. Leslie A. Helson
Mr. & Mrs. Henderson
Mr. Chevis Hendon
Dr. Gene Hendon and Mrs. Nancy C Hendon
Mr. Jim Hendrick and Mrs. Linda Hendrick
Mr. Terry Henkel
Mr. Melvin Henley and Mrs. Rita B. Henley
Mr. Don Henry and Mrs. Shelia D. Henry
Ms. Jean Henson
Ms. Tiffany A. Henson
Mr. Paul Herman and Mrs. Bonnie Herman
Ms. Victoria N. Herndon
Mr. Don Herzer and Mrs. Ann Herzer
Mr. Clifford Higginson and Dr. Bonnie Higginson
Ms. Lynda Hiles
Mr. Glenn Hill and Mrs. Georgia Hill
Ms. Kimberly A. Hill
Ms. Skylar R. Hillenburg
Ms. Kathryn O. Hite
Mr. Rick Hixon and Mrs. Debbie Hixon
Ms. Samantha Hobbs
Mr. Jesse Holder
Dr. William Holman and Mrs. Sandy Holman
Ms. Michele M. Holt
Home Health Plus, INC
Dr. Charles Homra and Mrs. Shirley J. Homra
Mrs. Justina Hook-Dittoe
Mr. James Hooper and Mrs. Judy Hooper
Mr. Gregg Hopkins and Mrs.Kristi Hopkins
Mr. Noriyuki Horiuchi
Mr. Dave Hornback
Mr. Joe Hasford and Mrs. Hosford
Mr. Chris Hoskins and Mrs. Amy Hoskins
Mr. Steve Hoskins and Mrs. Janie Hoskins
Mr. Howard
Ms. Sheila Howard
Mr. David Howe
Mr. Jason Howell and Mrs. Renee M. Howell
Ms. Marcia Hubbard
Mrs. Lauren Hughes
Ms. Jo Ann Humphreys
Mr. Eddie Hunt
Ms. Karen Hunt
Hurt & Ryan, Attorney at Law
Mr. Thomas Hutchens
Mr. Luta O. Hutson
Immanuel Lutheran Chruch
Ms. Anna B. Ingle
Mr. Mark Irvin
Ms. Doris Irwin
Ms. Cynthia S. Ivey
Mr. Ron Ivey and Mrs. Cynthia Ivey
Ms. Rosanne R. James
Ms. Melanie Jarvis
Mr. Tony Jarvis
Ms. Glinda Jeffery
Ms. Shirley Jenstrom
Ms. Isabel Jetton
Mr. Sid Jobs and Mrs. Loretta Jobs Sid
Ms. Amy L. Johnson
Ms. Angela L. Johnson
Mr. Barry Johnson and Mrs. Mary G. Johnson
Mr. Benjamin J. Johnson
Mr. Steven D. Johnson andMrs. Betty J. Johnson
Ms. Bonnie Johnson
Mr. Ryan Johnson and Mrs. Lisa Johnson
Ms. Nikki L. Johnson
Mr. Stanley Johnson and Mrs. Susan P. Johnson
Mr. Donald E. Jones and Mrs. Bonnie Jones
Mr. Glenn T. Jones
Mr. J. D. Jones and Mrs. Sharon J. Jones
Ms. Lisa B. Jones
Ms. Mary A. Jones
Ms. Mary E. Jones
Ms. Nancy Jones
Ms. Nancy J. Jones
Ms. Pam Jones
Mr. Shawn Jones and Mrs. Leanna Jones
Mr. Mark Kandt and Mrs. Rosemary Kandt
Mr. Ed Kasten
Mr. James E. Keeling
Keepsake Monuments Inc.
Mr. Darold Keller and Mrs. Donna Keller
Mr. Jim Kelly and Mrs. Joetta Kelly
Mr. Steve Kelsey
Ms. Faye N. Kelso
Mr. Jack Kenkel and Mrs. Sandra Kenkel
Mr. Jack Kennedy and Mrs. Melinda Kennedy
Mr. Navid Khadem and Mrs. Mary E. Khadem
Kids First, Inc.
Ms. Felicia Kimbrough
Ms. Carol D. King
Mr. Thomas W. King
Mr. Michael R. Kingins
Mr. Gregory D. Kingston
Ms. Jessica Kirk
Ms. Virginia L. Kirk
Mr. Kazumi Kitamoto
Ms. Carruth Kitrell
Ms. Barabra Klockowski
Mr. Hugh E. Knoth and Mrs. Angela Knoth
Ms. Alice Koenecke
Mr. & Mrs. William Koenecke, Sr.
Ms. Pamela R. Kondratko
Ms. Mollie J. Kotula
KP Management Solutions, LLC
Ms. Shirley Ladd
Mr. Brad E. Lamb
Mr. Gregg Lamb and Mrs. Janice Lamb
Mr. Kerry L. Lambert
Mr. Lenard Lankford
Mr. Roger Larochelle and Mrs. Linda Larochelle
Mr. John Larsen and Mrs. Juanita Larsen
Ms. Betty C. Lassiter
Ms. Kelley Lassiter
Mr. Jeremy Latimer and Mrs. Lauralee Latimer
Ms. Pat Latimer
Mr. Anthony Lawrence and Mrs. Amy L. Lawrence
Ms. Kerrie A. Lawson
Ms. Beverly M. Lax
Ms. Chad G. Leatherwood and Mrs. Elise Leatherwood
Ms. Elise Leatherwood
Mr. Paul Jerry Lee and Mrs. Clara E. Lee
Ms. Antoinette M. Lenhardt
Mr. Kendrick Lewis
Lift Power Inc.
Mrs. Melissa Liles
Ms. Sarah J. Lindley
Mr. Oscar Lindsey
Ms. Mary Linn
Ms. Shanna D. Litchfield
Mr. Terrence Little and Mrs. Judith Little
Ms. Angela D. Locke
Mr. Rocky Long
Ms. Sue Long
Ms. Tabitha N. Longman
Ms. Lough
Mrs. Tammy S. Lovelace
Mr. Thomas D. Lovett and Mrs. Jane Lovett
LuLu's Home Trends Gallery
Ms. Armand Lussier
Lyles Landscaping
Ms. Lorraine Maggard
Ms. Lisa MaKayla
Mr. Marx M. Mannberger
Mr. Mark A. Manning and Mrs. Catherine B. Manning
Ms. Terri Mardis
Mr. Bernard Marshall
Marshall Co. Battery & Golf Carts, Inc.
Marshall County Battery and Gold Cart
Ms. Shelia Marshall
Ms. Ann Martin
Ms. Glenn Martin
Ms. Sarah E. Martin
Martin, Colson, Hale, Henderson
Mr. Toni Martinazzi
Mr. Gregory Mason
Mr. Thomas Mason
Mr. Hugh G. Massey and Mrs. Sara J. Massey
Ms. Teca Maxwell
Mr. Michael A. Mayo
Ms. Casey R. Maze
Kevin McAllister
Ms. Sharla McCage
Ms. Margaret McCallon
Ms. Amy McCaskill
MCCH Administration
MCCH Bio-Med
MCCH Edu, Nutrition Dept, Wellness Cntr
MCCH Emergency Department
MCCH Nursing Administration
MCCH Rehabilitation Services
MCCH Spring Creek Health Care Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center
MCCH Wellness Center
Ms. Amy M. McCoil
Ms. Delana McCuiston
Ms. Marilyn McCuiston
Ms. Cindy McDaniel
Mr. Darrel A. McFerron
Mr. Bob McGauher
McGee Pest Control
Ms. Mary McGregor
Ms. Renae McGregor
Mr. David McKee
Mr. Joseph McKeel
McKinney Insurance Services, Inc.
Ms. Sandra S. McKinney
Ms. Shirley J. McLeod
Ms. Sandy K. McMahon
Ms. Patrica G. McMullin
Mr. Sam McNeely and Mrs. Bonnie McNeely
Ms. Kathy McNutt
Mr. Lee McQueen
McWorth Management Company
Ms. Cathy Meade
Mr. Vince Medlock and Mrs. Mary Medlock
Mehta Consulting
Mr. Bruce Mellon and Mrs. Geraldine Mellon
Ms. Myra Meyer
Ms. Dana Meyers
Michael L. Bobo, DDS, MD FACS, PSC
Ms. Sandra Michael
Mr. Kenneth Mickeletto
Mr. Mark Miles
Ms. Angela Miller
Ms. Becky Miller
Mr. Brad Miller
Mr. Fred T. Miller
Mr. Gregory Miller and Mrs. Connie Miller
Ms. Jackie Miller
Mr. John M. Miller and Mrs. Debra Miller
Mr. Joseph Miller and Mrs. Janet Miller
Ms. Kathryn Miller
Ms. Laura L. Miller
Ms. Lewis C. Miller
Ms. Sarah S. Miller
Ms. Shelly L. Miller
Ms. Stephanie Miller
Mr. Thomas Miller and Mrs. Patsy Miller
Ms. Vicki Miller
Ms. Pamela S. Milton
Ms. Shannon R. Mingarelli
Ms. Delura Mitchell
Ms. Elaine A. Mitchell
Ms. Jennifer Mitchell
Mr. Robert J. Mitchell
Mr. Roy L. Mitchell
Mr. Matthew Morehead and Mrs. Mia B. Morehead
Mr. Billy Morgan and Mrs. Irene Morgan
Mr. Brandon Morgan
Ms. Jamie D. Morgan
Ms. Joni Morgan
Mr. Mike Morgan and Mrs. Jeanie Morgan
Ms. Jane Morganti
Ms. Amy M. Morris
Mr. Johnny D. Morris and Mrs. Mary E. Morris
Ms. Kimberly M. Morris
Ms. Lori C. Morris
Ms. Mary L. Morris
Mr. Micah Morris and Mrs. Abbie Morris
Mr. Michael Moss and Mrs. Lisa S. Moss
Ms. Daphene Mowery
Ms. Gale Broach Cornelison/ Kopperud Realty
MSU Office Of Recruitment
MSU Office of Regional Outreach
MSU Women's Society
Ms. Wanda Mullins
Mr. Gary G. Murdock
Murray Ledger & Times
Murray Lumber Co., Inc
Murray Women's Club Sigma Department
Ms. Beth Myers
Mr. Chris R. Nelson and Mrs. Christi L. Nelson
Mr. Charles Nesbitt and Mrs. Janice Nesbitt
Mr. Jerikka L. Neville
Mr. Delbert F. Newsome and Mrs. Linda M. Newsome
Mr. W.Douglas Newton
Ms. Teresa K. Nixon
Ms. Ashley Noffsinger
Mr. Ian Norris
Northside Baptist Church
Mr. Bruce L. Oakley
Ms. Leah D. Oakley
O'Carra Inc
Ms. Gayle Olberding
Ms. Diana Oliver
Mrs. Jacqueline L. Oliver
Ms. Rebecca S. O'Neal
Mr. Peter F. O'Rourke
Mr. Glenn Orr
Mr. Vester Orr
Mr. Charles Outland and Mrs. Mary Outland
Ms. Jennifer Outland
Mr. Joseph G. Outland and Mrs. Diane Outland
Brian Overbey
Ms. Sue U. Overbey
Paducah Ford Lincoln
Paducah Symphony Orchestra
Palestine Methodist Church
Mr. Thomas H. Palmer and Mrs. Imogean D. Palmer
Parcell's Deli * Grill * Bakery
Mr. Shawn A. Parker and Mrs. Danna B. Parker
Dr. Thomas G. Parker and Mrs. Lavenia Parker
Ms. Crystal Parks
Ms. Judy C. Parrish
Mr. Lyle Parsons
Mr. Kendred Paschall and Mrs. Tammy Paschall
Ms. Mary Paschall
Mr. Mitchell Paschall
Mr. Terry D. Paschall and Mrs. Sheri Paschall
Mr. Thomas Paschall and Mrs. Betty Paschall
Mr. Harry Patterson and Mrs. Diane Patterson
Mr. Allan Paul
Mr. William F. Payne and Mrs. Judith S. Payne
Mr. Marshall Peace and Mrs. Pamela Peace
Myrle Peacock
Mr. Cole Peck
Mr. John Peck
Mr. Marc Peebles and Mrs. Belinda Peebles
Peggy's Place
Ms. Susan M. Penrod
Mr. Austin Perry
Mrs. Teresa L. Pervine
Petter Business Systems
Ms. Violet Pfeiffer
Phi Beta Sigma
Mr. Jamie F. Phillips
Mr. John T. Phillips and Mrs. Dana Phillips
Pierce and Associates
Dr. Jay Pitman
Mr. Michael Pitman and Mrs. Laura Pitman
Mr. W.J. Pitman and Mrs. Martha Pitman
Mr. Danny Pittman and Mrs. Patsy Pittman
Ms. Janice E. Pollard
Ms. Carolyn A. Pool
Mr. Ronnie D. Pool and Mrs. Laurel Pool
Dr. Christopher L. Poor and Mrs. Bridget Poor
Ms. Barbara J. Potts
Mr. Chad Powell and Mrs. Catherine A. Powell
Ms. Ashley Poyner
Mr. David Poynor
Mr. Dimple L. Pratt
Printing Services
Mr. Donald Pritchard
Mr. Bruce Puschnig and Mrs. Joann Puschnig
Mr. Larry Pyle and Mrs. Cindy Pyle
Mr. Billy Joe and Mrs. Yvette Pyle
Mr. Dan B. Quick
Mr. Virginia D. Quigley
Ms. Lois Rachell
Ragan and Ragan, LLC
Mr. Somer R. Ragsdale
Mr. Jed Ramey
Mr. Paul Randolph and Mrs. Virginia Randolph
Mr. Carlos D. Ransey
Ms. Kay W. Ray
Mr. Billie J. Rayburn and Mrs. Jan Rayburn
Ms. Judy Remaly
Remax Real Estate Services
Mr. Jerry Renfrow
Residence Association
Mr. Kevin Revell
Revolution Real Estate
Ms. Charlotte K. Rhodes
Mr. Samuel M. Rice
Ms. Martha Richard
Mrs. Donna A. Richardson
Mrs. Sina W. Richardson
Ms. Martha D. Riddle
Ms. Allyson R. Riley
Ms. Fidelia A. Risk
Ms. Bethany Roach
Mrs. Joy Roach
Mr. Steve Roberson and Mrs. Mary Jane Roberson
Mr. Daniel Roberts
Mr. John M. Roberts
Ms. Martha Roberts
Ms. Vicki K. Roberts
Ms. Jamie C. Robinson and Mrs. Vanessa Robinson
Mr. Stuart Robinson and Mrs. Susan E. Robinson
Mr. Paul Rodriguez
Mr. Jereme Roes
Mr. Craig Rogers and Mrs. Sue Ellen Rogers
Ms. Jennifer W. Rogers
Ms. Susan Rogers
Ms. Patsy M. Roling
Mr. William Roos
Ms. Rose
Mr. Ed Ross
Mr. Gillard Ross
Mr. Tommy F. Ross
Ms. Kimberly D. Rowland
Ms. Rebecca L. Rugila
Mr. Mike Ruschell
Ms. Lois M. Rust
Rutledge Environmental Services
Mr. Richard Rutledge and Mrs. Rebecca L. Rutledge
S & D Elite Enterprises, Inc.
Ms. Allison Sanders
Ms. Sarah Sanders
Mr. Stephen C. Sanders and Mrs. Mary Warren Sanders
Ms. Carol Schaefer
Mr. Ginger L. Schmidt
Mr. Steve Schneiderman and Mrs. Jean Schneiderman
Mr. John Schneiter and Mrs. Mary L. Schneiter
Ms. Christy Schulz
Mr. George B. Scott
Mr. Jeffrey A. Scott
Mr. Frank Scudder and Mrs. Mary N. Scudder
Mr. Kyle Seratt and Mrs. Stacy Seratt
Ms. Stacy Seratt
Ms. Amy L. Shaunesey
Ms. Kathryn Shelbourne
Ms. Kimberly Shelton
Ms. Melony Shemberger
Mr. Russell Shemberger
Mr. Ronald Shemwell and Mrs. Terese Shemwell
Mr. Fred Shepard
Mr. David Shepperson Jr. and Mrs. Betty Shepperson
Mr. Ed Shinners and Mrs. Joan Shinners
Ms. Heather Shively
Mr. Horace Sholar
Ms. Alyx Shultz
Mr. Michael Siebold
Ms. Brittany N. Sims
Ms. Carol Sims
Mr. John Sims
Ms. Anita K. Sirls
Mr. Jack Sirls and Mrs. Rhonda M. Sirls
Mr. Timothy S. Sirls
Mr. David P. Slayden
Ms. Allison M. Sloan
Mr. David Slone
Mr. Sean M. Slusher
Ms. Megan M. Smetana
Ms. Debbie Smith
Ms. Jennifer Smith
Mrs. Peggy J. Smith
Mr. Robert D. Smith and Mrs. Beverly D. Smtih
Mr. Ronnie Smith
Mr. Russell Smith
Mr. Scott Smith
Ms. Suzanne E. Smith
Mr. Thomas Smith and Mrs. Katherine Smith
Ms. Mary Smock
Mr. William H. Smock and Mrs. Jennie Sue Smock
Mr. Richard Smotherman
Ms. Jackita Snelling
Mr. Brett Sorrells
South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance
Ms. Ann Spann
Mr. H.S. Spann
Ms. Andrea V. Sparks
Mr. & Mrs. Sparks
Mr. Kevin W. Spengler and Mrs. Bryn M. Spengler
Mr. Randall S. Spergin and Mrs. Tonya Spergin
Ms. Diana L. Spiller
Ms. Kathy Stanfa
Mr. Jerry Stanley
Mr. Charles Stark and Mrs. Emily G. Stark
Starks Brothers Homes, INC
Ms. Angela Starnes
State Farm Insurance
Statlab Medical Products
Ms. Lindy Steele
Mr. Bart Steelman
Mr. Howard Steely and Mrs. Freda Steely
Mr. Samuel Steger
Dr. Chad Stewart and Mrs. Betty Stewart
Ms. Erin R. Stewart
Ms. Melanie Stinson
Ms. Theresa Stone
Mr. James G. Stuart and Mrs. Bridget Stuart
Mr. Gary D. Suiter
Mr. Brad Sullivan
Summit Enviromental Services, Inc.
Sunway Energy Solutions LLC
Surgical Solutions
Dr. Brian Swain
Mr. Scott Swalls
Ms. Tonya Kemper Sydnes
Ms. Abigail Sykes
Mr. Charles Tallent and Mrs. Kathryn Tallent
Ms. Sandie Tallent
Mr. Ross Talley and Mrs. Carla J. Talley
Ms. Diane M. Taylor
Ms. Rebecca Taylor
Mrs. Simone P. Taylor
Ms. Tammy F. Taylor
Melissa K. Techaira
Mr. Richard Tenbarge and Mrs. Patricia A. Tenbarge
The Country Store
The Village Day Care Center, LLC
Ms. Dawn Therrell
Ms. Chelsee Thompson
Ms. Christina Thompson
Ms. Glerda Thompson
Mr. John D. Thompson
Ms. Moris Ann Thompson
Ms. Paige Thompson
LaJeanna Thornton
Mr. Bob Thurman and Mrs. Teresa Thurman
Ms. Helen Tidwell
Mr. Tim Tidwell
Mr. Steven Tilker
Mr. Thomas J. Timmons and Mrs. Kathy Timmons
Ms. Betty Tolbert
Mr. Richard Tollefson
Tom's Grill
Mr. Charles Toon and Mrs. Vicki C. Toon
Mr. Jeffrey A. Toon
Mr. Darvin Towery
Town & Gown
Mr. Bobbie Travis
Ms. Hope Travis
Ms. Wanda L. Treider
Ms. Margaret Trevathan
Trevathan Urology Clinic
Tri State Independent Theatre Association
Mr. James Troutman and Mrs. Bobbie Troutman
Ms. Bonita Truitt
Mr. Douglas G. Tucker and Mrs. Evelyn Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Tucker
Ms. Nancy Tucker
Ms. Wenona Tucker
Mr. Scott P. Turnbow
Ms. Kimberly Turner
Ms. Leslie Turner
University Church of Christ
Ms. Jennifer Urey
Mrs. June A. Vanover and Mr. Richard Vanover
Mr. Richard Vanover
Ms. Deborah Vaughan
Mr. Jack L. Vaughn and Mrs. Edna Vaughn
Ralph & Jane
Mr. Joseph J. Venice and Mrs. Brooka A. Venice
Mr. Gary J. Vereycken and Mrs. Brenda G. Vereycken
Mr. Steve Vidmer
Ms. Whitney L. Villanueva
Mr. Tim Vincek
Mr. Mancil L. Vinson and Mrs. Anne Vinson
Mr. Waymond Vinson
Mr. Steve J. Virgo
Mr. Richard Vogt
W.C. Elkins S.S. Class
Ms. Kathy Wade
Mr. Billy R. Wagoner and Mrs. Deborah Wagoner
Ms. Beverly Wallace
Mr. Thomas Wallis and Mrs. Belinda Wallis
Ms. Traci L. Walsh
Bradley D. Warning
Ms. Jessica Watkins
Ms. Margene Watson
Mr. Douglas Wearren and Mrs. Peggy Wearren
Ms. Pamela Welsh
Mr. Tommy L. West
Westside Baptist Church Praise Class
Mr. Thomas Wheatley and Mrs. Jean Wheatley
Mr. William Whitaker and Mrs. Cheryl Whitaker
Mr. Bob White and Mrs. Wylene White
Dr. Charles W. White
Mr. David White
Ms. Marica White
Ms. Joanna Whitmill
Mrs. Dee Dee Whittaker
Mr. David B. Whitten and Mrs. Sherry L. Whitten
Debra L. Wilder
Ms. Joanna S. Wilder
Mr. Chester Wildey and Mrs. Barbara Wildey
Mr. Greg Wiles and Mrs. Martie Wiles
Ms. Brenda L. Williams
Mrs. Kristin Williams
Mr. Johnny S. Williams and Mrs. Peggy A. Williams
Dr. Robert T. Williams and Mrs. Jeannetta D. Williams
Ms. Susan S. Williams
Ms. Tracy E. Williams
Ms. Sierra Williams-Barnhart
Mr. Dale H. Willis
Mr. James M. Wilson
Mr. Robert R. Wilson and Mrs. Ima M. Wilson
Mr. Stephen Wilson
Ms. Gina Winchester
Ms. Cindy Wise
Mr. Ken Wolf and Mrs. Deanna Wolf
Woodmen of the World, Lodge 138
Woodmen of the World, Lodge 827
Mr. David Wooten
Ms. Workman
Mr. Mark Workman
Mr. Drew Worley
Mr. Chad C. Wortham and Mrs. Tracy B. Wortham
Mrs. Lisa Wulff
Ms. Kim Wyatt
Ms. Karen E. Yancey
Mr. Herbery Yancy
Mr. William Yoakum and Mrs. Paula F. Yoakum
Mr. Lary Young and Mrs. Joy Young
Ms. Pamela K. Young
Mr. Sean A. Young
Ms. Sonja M. Young
Mr. William Young
Mr. Michael Zentner
Ms. Chloe Zimmerer
Mr. Ed Zimmerer

Inaugural - ($50+)
1st United Methodist Church UMW Quilters
Ms. Dot Abell
Ms. Jaclyn Acree
Ms. Anne B. Adams
Mr. Casey Adams
Ms. Dorothy S. Adams
Mr. Eddie Adams and Mrs. Judie Adams
Mr. Carol Adans
Mr. Charles C. Agnew and Mrs. Cherolyne N. Agnew
Chris Ainsworth
Mr. Michael Aitken
Ms. Carolyn Akland
Mr. Larry Alber and Mrs. Mina Alber
Gena Albertia
Carol P. Allen
Ms. Renee Allen
Taylor Allen
Candace Allman
Ms. Kathy Ambrose
American Postal Worker Union
Mr. Bill G. Ammons and Mrs. Molly Ammons
Brandy Anderson
Jason Anderson
Meghann Anderson
Retha L. Anderson
James F. Andrus
Mary Andrus
Anonymous 4
Ms. Nan Arant
Ms. Christie Arnett
Mr. Christina A. Arnett
Shannon Arnett
Brian Arnold
Bryan Arnold
Connie Arnold
Janet L. Arnold
Judy Arnold
Mr. Justin Arnold
Ms. Sandra Arnold
Edd Asbridge
Ms. Stacy Ashbridge
Ms. Anna Atkinson
Paul V. Atkinson
Aurora Christian Church Inc
Ms. Anne Aydt
Mr. Michael Back and Mrs. Marcy M. Back
Re Na Bae
Jennifer Baer
Shelby Baer
Amanda J. Bailey
Ms. Angela Bailey
Arthur H. Bailey
Mr. Gene N. Bailey and Mrs. Dortha Bailey
Elizabeth Bailey-Smith
Courtney Baker
Alan Bakes
Kempton Baldridge
Gayle Balentine
Mark T. Ballance
Mr. Billie Banks
Ms. Tracy Banks
Mr. William Barabas
Rick Barham
Linda Barker
Mr. Benjamin Barnes and Mrs. Robyn Barnes
Mr. Max Barnett and Mrs. Sondra Barnett
Vicki Barnett
Brandon Barnhill
Rebecca Barnhill
Mr. John Barth and Mrs. Emily Barth
Mr. Andy Bartholomy
Justin Barton
Sally Batusic
Mr. Robert Bauman and Mrs. Diane Bauman
Mr. Bobby Bazzell and Mrs. Peggy Bazzell
Mrs. Donna Beals
Rachel Bearden
Jennifer L. Beckwith
Mr. Brad Belcher and Mrs. Karen Belcher
Monte Belew
Ms. Harriet Bell
Jon Bell
Valerie Bender
Janice Benton
Bradford Bentz
Ms. Pamela Benzing
Ms. Hazel A. Berkley
Holly Berry
Ms. Maria Berry
Ms. Sable L. Bethel
Anthony Bevil
Larisa Bierds
Mr. Dwayne Bingman and Mrs. Lori Bingman
Mr. Scott Binzer
Mr. Keith Birmingham
Mr. Bittel
Mr. Joseph Bixby and Mrs. Hollie Bixby
Ms. Jessica Black
Katie L. Black
Mr. Shane Black
Mrs. Virginia Black
Ms. Rebecca E. Blackburn
Charles Blair
Mr. Henry Blakely and Mrs. Linda Blakely
Ashley G. Blalock
Mrs. Tammi Blalock and Mr. Robert S. Blalock
Ms. Rebecca J. Blanchard
Karen Boase
Alecia L. Bobo
Mr. Troy W. Bodenschatz
Ms. Kelsey Boel
Mr. Gary Boggess
Chad Boike
Ms. Bethanie Bolte
Ms. Threasa Bolton and Mr. Gary K. Bolton
Boone's Laundry and Cleaners
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Booth
Ms. Jennie Bourne
Randall Bowden
Sherry Bowden
Melanie Bowen
Michelle Bowland
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Bowles
Jennifer A. Bowman
Mr. Raqson (Rock) Boyd
John Bozeman
Mr. Ford W. Branch Jr.
Ford Branch, Jr.
Myra Brandon
Mr. James Brents and Mrs. Sue Brents
Brittany S. Brewer
Mr. Delmar Brewer
Jane A. Bright
Mr. Jason Brookshire
Mr. John Brookshire and Mrs. Carrie Brookshire
Angie Brown
Mr. Gregory Brown and Mrs. Adele Brown
Mr. Josh Brown
Ms. Katherine Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Sather Bruguiere
Ms. Linda Bryan
Tina Bryan
Ms. Shari Buckingham
Ms. Salena J. Bucy
Ms. Vicky Bumgardner
Bradford R. Burchyett
Steve A. Burgess
Timothy Burgess
James Burkeen
Sarah Burks
Mr. William D. Burnett Jr.
Jaclynn Burst
Mr. Billie Burton
Mr. C.E. Bushart
Edith Busija
Ms. Madelyn Poteat Bussey
Ms. Cathey Butler
Mr. Greg Butler
Mrs. Jodi Butler and Mr. Paul Lamb
Joey Butler
Sam Butler
Venceta Butler
Elizabeth Byars
Ms. Dina J. Byers
Mr. Michael Byers
Ms. Allison H. Bynum
Ms. Heather Byrd
Mr. Kevin K. Byrd
Tiffany Byrd
Kirk Byrn III
Mr. Warren J. Cadoret
Mr. Daryl Cain and Mrs. Karen Cain
Steven Callison
Ronald Cammack
Nancy F. Cardozier
Joel Carlisle
Colleen Carpenter
Chase Carper
Kristen Carper
Ms. Heather Carr
William (Bo) Carr
Ms. Carraway
Ms. Carson
Dena Carter
Ms. Pam Carter
Ms. Pam Carter
Rebecca Carver
Ms. Ashley Casiano
Mr. Matt Casiano
James Cass
Ms. Katherine L. Castillo
Mallory Cathey
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Catron
Michael Ceglinski
Mark Chamberlain
Crisann Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Chaney
Ms. Mildred Chapman

Ms. Mildred Chapman
Quint Chapman
Paul Chappell
Mr. Keith Charles
Ms. Dea Chenot
Mr. Patick Cheptoek
Catherine G. Cherry
Cherry Corner Baptist Church
Emily Chipman
Michael Choate
Mr. Brian Christian and Mrs. Lynn Christian
Jessica Chumney
Mr. Michael E. Cissell and Mrs. Sharon Cissell
Ensley Clark
Dr. Hollis J. Clark and Mrs. Jeanne L. Clark
Ms. Linda Clark
Mr. Raymond M. Clark and Mrs. Linda F. Clark
Ms. Melissa D. Clark
Ray Clark
Trevor Clayton
William Clinard
Kyle Clocksin
Mr. Justin Clymer
Stephen Cobb
Mr. James Cochran and Mrs. Lyndia Cochran
Cyndi Cohoon
David Cohoon
Mark K. Cohoon
Ms. Ella Ann Colbert
Tori Cole
Ms. Bonnie Coleman
Erin Coleman
Robyn Coleman
Candace Collins
Mr. Gary L. Collins
Aaron Colson
Micki Colson
Lindsey Conkle
Mr. Mike Conley and Mrs. Nancy Conley
Mr. Alvin E. Cook
Mr. Randy Cook
Mr. Randy Cook
Mr. Gary B. Cooper
Mr. Michael B. Cope
Lexie Copeland
Mr. Terry Copeland
Robert Cornelison
Mr. Steven L. Courtney and Mrs. Billene Courtney
Mr. William Cowan
Annette Cowen
Howard Cowles
Ms. Nathaniel Cox
Doug Crafton
J.T. Crawford
Mrs. Stephanie L. Crawford
Shannon Crockett
Ms. Ann Croft
Judy Crofton
Mr. Robert Cross
Mr. David L. Crouch and Mrs. Linda Crouch
Dr. Richard H. Crouch and Mrs. Cheryl S. Crouch
Jennifer Crouse
Ms. Laura Crouse
Crye:Leike Realty Services
Mr. Bill Culiver
Ken Culwell
Mr. William C. Cundiff and Mrs. Jean Cundiff
Debbie Cunningham
Mr. Glen Cunningham and Mrs. Edna Cunningham
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Cunningham
Robin Curnel
Mr. Dylan Curtsinger and Mrs. Laura S. Curtsinger
Ms. Karen Curtsinger
Mr. Ross Curtsinger and Mrs. Betsy Curtsinger
Ms. Janell Cyrus
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Dalton
Deborah Dalton
Ms. Nicole Dalton
Ayrika Damron
Allie Daniel
Mr. Kenneth Danos Jr.
Lynn Darnall
Ms. Ann Darnell
Rob Darnell
Ms. Darnell
Mr. Robert Darst III
Tory Daughrity
Ms. Kasandra Davis
Ms. Lisa A. Davis
Ms. Lori Davis
Ms. Linda Day
Ms. Mandy Deatrick
Mr. Lary Deeds
Holly Deem
Erin R. Delancey
Neil C. Demaree
Victor Demekhin
Mr. Tom Denton
Diverse Fulfillment Service Inc.
Ms. Gail Brandon Dix
Mr. Matt Dobson
Ms. Mary Dodd
Chris Dodson
Barbara J. Donelson
Amelia Donner
Ms. Christy M. Dossett
Ms. Margaret Downing
Ms. Stacie P. Downs
Susan Drake
Ms. Jada Driver
Ms. Laura M. Drummond
Mr. Larry Dublin and Mrs. Ginger Dublin
Ms. Darla R. Dugger
Ms. Rose Dulaney
Mariah E. Duncan
Gina Duncan-Brown
Mr. & Mrs. William Duncanson
Myrna K. Dunn
Mr. Damon Dunning
East Calloway Elementary School Central
Mr. David H. Eaton
Richard Edmonds
Bethany Edwards
Mr. Brian Edwards
Cole Edwards
Lisa Elder
Robert Elkins
Cynthia Elliott
Mr. Scott Ellison
Melissa Elrod
Ms. Alison D. Emerson
Mr. Thomas C. Emerson and Mrs. Dot Emerson
Peggy R. Engel
Jae Englebright
Mr. Jason Englebright
Ms. Kim English
Mr. Mark A. English and Mrs. Rebecca A. English
Ms. Rebecca L. English
Mr. Scott Erickson and Mrs. Madea Erickson
Ms. Brenda Erwin
Ms. Kathy J. Erwin
Ms. Wanda Erwin
Mr. Robert C. Etherton and Mrs. Imogene Etherton
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Faihst
Mr. Jimmy Fain and Mrs. Patsy Fain
Falwell and Pittman Farm
Matthew Falwell
Farm Services and NRCS
Ms. Janice S. Faulk
Mr. Don Faulkner
Ms. Deborah K. Ferguson
Ms. Dorothy Ferree
Ms. Jessica Fetter
Ms. Rachel Fielder
Finish Line Car Wash
Ms. Joyce Fink
Pamela Finley
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Finzer
First Baptist Church Phebian Sunday School Class
First Christian Church Christian Builders Class
Lorena Fischer
Ms. Cassie Fischer-Flaherty
K. Renee Fisher
Tina M. Fisher
Ms. K. Renee Fister
Mac A. Fitts
Mr. Scott E. Fitzgerald
Kimi Fitzhugh
Carroll Fletcher
Susan R. Fletcher
Mr. Mark Flood
Ms. Debbie Flowers
Brittany Floyd
Ms. Theresa Folz
Ms. Wanda Forrest
Stephanie Foss
Ms. Megan Foster
Craig Fox
Betty Franklin
Karen M. Franklin
Mr. Herbert Frederick
Mr. Roy Freeman and Mrs. Helen Freeman
Mr. Scott Freeman
Mr. Andrew French and Mrs. Courtney French
Ms. Pam French
Ms. Fridy
Mr. Joe Fridy
Frist Bank
Ashley Fritsche
Mr. Chad Fritsche and Mrs. Ashley Fritsche
Ms. Fritts
Maria Fuhrmann
Jack Fuller
Mr. Scott Fulton
Angie Fuqua
Elizabeth Furches
Ms. Betty Gallimore
Ms. Sherry G. Gallimore
Ms. Bobby Galloway
Ms. Jama G. Galloway
Mr. Larry Galloway
Kati Gant
Mr. Ronald M. Garbie and Mrs. June L. Garbie
Ms. Kellie R. Gardner
Whitney Gardner
Dillon R. Garland
Erin E. Garland
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Garland
Russell Garland
Frances Garrison
Jeff Garrison
Julie Garrison
Ms. Garwood
Mr. Don V. Gaskin and Mrs. Dawn E. Gaskin
Tandye Gentry
Mr. William Germann and Mrs. Marilyn Germann
Mr. Dwain Gibbs and Mrs. Sherry Gibbs
Joanna Gibbs
Amanda Gibson
Mr. Eric J. Gibson
Mr. Gay N. Gibson
Ms. Jayme Gibson
Mr. Ronnie Gibson
Tracey Gibson
Ms. Amy Giesbrecht
Amy Giesbrecht
Elizabeth Gilliam
Mr. Robert Gilliam
Mr. Gene Gilliland
Opal D. Giltner
Mr. Dimitrios Gioglis
Ms. Amanda Girard
Gloster St. Church of Christ
Mrs. Nancy Glover
Ms. Renee Golson
Daryl Goodaker
Mr. Edward Gore and Mrs. Rebecca L. Edward
Mr. Jerry L. Gorrell
Goshen United Methodist Church
Ms. Abigail Goss
Ms. Tonya L. Gossum
Grace Baptist Church
Ms. Cheryl D. Graham
David R. Graham
Ms. Jackie Graham
Marcus Graham
Mrs. Rosemary Graham and Mr. David R. Graham
Kristy Grannan
Megan Grannan
Mr. Ralph M. Graves
James Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Micahel Gray
Ms. Brittany Gream
Bryan Green
Mr. Garrie Green and Mrs. Denise Green
Mr. Dennis Green and Mrs. Melissa Green
Ms. Ramona K. Green
Kenneth R. Greer
Mr. Timothy R. Greer
Mr. Dennis Gregory and Mrs. Teresa Gregory
Mr. Donald Gregory and Mrs. Mary Gregory
Mr. John M. Gregory
Ms. Brenda S. Griffin
Michael Griffin
Zachary Griffin
Alan W. Griggs
Margaret Grimball
Dave Groesbeck
Ms. Andrea Grogan
Terri Grogan
Ms. Frederic Gros
Mr. David L. Groves and Mrs. Leora J. Groves
Garrett Gruber
Ms. Laura Grumley
Ms. Diane Guhy
Jerry Gupton
Joe Gupton
Kent Gustafson
L.A. H. Isaac
Ms. Haertling
Dr. & Mrs. B.H. Haile
Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Hale
Mr. Adam Haley
Ms. Doris D. Hall
Larry Hall
Ms. Sandi Hall
Mr. Steve Hall
Ms. Carol W. Ham
Krisitn Ham
Tiffany Hamblin
Mrs. Yvonne H. Hamby
Moon Hamra
Ronald W. Hamra
Matthew Hardison
Ms. Hargis
Don Hargrove
Trey (T.J.) Hargrove
Vicki Hargrove
Mr. Lance H. Harper
Sandra K. Harper
Ms. Amy Harper-Hogancamp
Edgar Harrell
Ms. Jeri L. Harrell
Patrica Harrington
Mr. Edwin Harris
Mr. Rickey Harris and Mrs. Patty Harris
Ms. Jackie Harrison
Ms. Jeanie G. Harrison
Ms. Jennifer L. Harrison
Mr. Ken Harrison
Mr. Lloyd Harrison
Abby Hart
Mr. Donald Hart and Mrs. Shirley Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hart
Rick Hasenstab
Mr. Truman Hastings and Mrs. Linda Hastings
Mr. Steven Hawkins and Mrs. Michelle Hawkins
Scott Hayden
tim hayden
Lindsay Haynes
Chris Hays
Lacosta Hays
Phil Hazle
Jonathon Headford
Ms. Janee Heath
George Heeschen
Katie Heierman
Mr. Erik Heller
Ms. Kathryn Heller
Mr. Paul Heltsley
Mr. Dalton Henderson
Janet Henderson
Mr. John Henderson
Robin Hendon
Shane Hendon
Mr. Jim Hendrick and Mrs. Linda Hendrick
Henry A. Petter Supply Co.
Mr. Jerry Henry and Mrs. Sandra Henry
Katelyn Henson
Mr. Daniel Hepworth
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Herndon
Mr. Bob Herndon and Mrs. Joan Herndon
Mr. D. K. Herrington and Mrs. Wyneth Herrington
Raymond Hewitt
Mr. William Hewlett
Mr. James Hicks
Ms. Melisa Hicks
Ms. Linda G. Hightower
Tim Hilbrecht
James Hiles
Paula B. Hill
Weslee Hill
Mr. Kenneth Hilliary
Joey D. Hinson
Ms. Katlyn Hitz
Amber Hobbs-Buchner
Ms. Amie M. Hodge
Shelly Hodges
Claire Beth Hofer
Gregory Hoff
Patrice Hoffman
Anna Holder-Williams
Ms. Jan Holland
Mr. Stanley Holland
Ms. Jean M. Hollis
Ms. Rachel Holloway
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Holman
Amber R. Holt
Ms. Melissa G. Holt
Ms. Joanne Honefanger
Darren Hooper
John Hooper
John Hopkins
Latoshia R. Hopkins
Anke Horn
Dr. Brian V. Horn
Lauralee Horn
Hospice of Bluegrass
Housing Authority of Murray
Ms. Vicki D. Houston
Ms. Kathy A. Howard
Patrick Howell
Ms. Deedra Hughes
Jason Hughes
Tara Hughes
Charles Hulick
Ms. Mary Alice Humphries
Mandy Hunt
Stephanie Hunt
Valerie Hunter-Kelly
Jennifer Hurst
John Hurst
Mr. Harold Hurt and Mrs. Kathey K. Hurt
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hurt
Ms. Carolyn S. Hutchens
Ms. Joanne B. Hutchison
Mr. Ronnie L. Hutson and Mrs. Sue A. Hutson
Sarah Ice
Ms. Kela A. Imus
Dennis Irwin
Ms. Dana E. Jackson
Mr. Franklin Jackson and Mrs. Kelly Jackson
Jackson Purchase, ACA
Teresa Jackson
Thomas L. Jackson
Ms. Shannon Jacob
Keith Jared
Mr. Reed Jarvis
Mr. Charles Jenkins and Mrs. Candice Jenkins
Belinda Jett
Mr. Chad Jetton and Mrs. Amanda Jetton
Cassie Johnson
Charles K. Johnson
Ms. Debbie Johnson
Don Johnson
Mr. Edward Johnson and Mrs. Sue Johnson
Mr. Jimmye Johnson
Ms. Madison L. Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Dr. Beth Jones
Gary D. Jones
Mr. James Jones and Mrs. Evelyn Jones
Ms. Janet Jones
Mr. Jason Jones and Mrs. Kelly C. Jones
Jeff Jones
Ms. Jessica Jones
Ms. Katelyn Jones
Ms. Katelyn A. Jones
Sherri Jones
Myrna Kaegi
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kallander
Mr. Ray Karraker and Mrs. Sabrina Karraker
Ms. Karen Keathley
Sherri Keipp
Greg Kelly
Jack Kelly
Kari Kelly
Marla Kelsey
Heather Kelwso
Mr. Michael Kemp and Mrs. Vicki B. Kemp
Ms. Tina M. Kendall
Mr. William Kennedy
Ms. Bess T. Kerlick
Mr. & Mrs. James Kerlick
Ms. Alice F. Key
Fay Key
Mr. Jimmy J. Key and Lisha R. Key
Daniel Kilkeary
Ms. Lisa Kim
Makayla Kim
Megan Kindle
Mr. John W. King and Mrs. Patsy King
Ms. Matt King
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Kingery
George W. Kipphut
Alicia Kirby
Kirksey Church of Christ
Kevin Knotts
Mr. Lukas Kobiella
Eddie Kobraei
Mr. Jaime J. Koch
Nakeisha J. Koepp
Mr. John Kolackovsky and Mrs. Patricia Kolackovsky
Melissa Kopecky
George Koprivica
Barbara Kough
Mr. John Kovaleski and Mrs. Kristine Kovaleski
Ms. Kelly Kowalczyk
Ms. Gabrelle L. Koym
marsha krausz
Mr. John R. Krieb and Mrs. Joan Krieb
Ms. Kelli Krill
James Kuhlman
Paul N. Kurz
Mr. & Mrs. Ladd
Caroline Lagerborg
Charles Lamb
Charmaine Lamb
Darren Lamb
Ms. Tammy C. Lamb
Jake Lamirande
Jessica Lamirande
Lane's Mobile John
Kelly Lanham
Catherine Lanier
Mr. Robert Lauria and Mrs. Lynnette Lauria
Daniel Lavit
Ms. Courtney Lawrenz
Leslie Lawson
Mr. Donnie Lee
Mr. Don Leet
Andy Leonard
Ms. Aimee Lepisto
Sabrinia Leslie
Leta's Beauty Salon
Ms. Jenny Lewis
Ms. Madalyn L. Linzy
Amy Lockwood
Ms. Jennifer M. Lofland
Mr. David Long
Dr. Lawrence Long
Sarah Loveless
Susie Lovell
Ted Lovett
Paul Ludovissie
Rebecca Lund
Ms. Theresa Lundberg
Travis Lussier
Mr. Robert P. Lyons
Mr. Dale Madding
Matthew Madding
Class of 1960 Classmates
Mr. Tom Maddox Jr. & Friends
Mathew Maloney
Mr. Douglas Manning and Mrs. Terri Manning
Ms. Maureen Manning
James Mantooth
Mr. Carl Marquess
Bryan Martin
Cory Martin
Forrest Martin
Ms. Joan Martin
Mr. Kurt Martin
Martin's Chapel United Methodist Church
Ms. Jana Mason
Mr. Peyton Mastera and Mrs. Sarah Mastera
Mr. Taylor Matchok
Cory D. Matheny
Jessica Mathis
Meghan Mattmiller
Mr. Michael R. May and Mrs. Eugenia J. May
Mr. Gregory M. Mayes
Ms. Donna Maynard
Wayne McAtee
Mr. and Mrs. McCallon
Ms. Lou Ann McCallon
Mr. Phill McCallon
Ms. Maeve C. McCarthy
MCCH Department Directors
Ms. Wendy McClain
Mr. Randy G. McClure and Mrs. Cindy Mcclure
Mr. Jeremy McCord and Mrs. Angela McCord
Chase McCoy
Stephanie McCoy
Haley McCuiston
Ms. Jill R. McCuiston
Melissa B. McCuiston
Mr. Troy McCully and Mrs. Debra McCully
Mary F. McCutcheon
Ms. Amanda J. McDaniel
Ms. Cynthia McDaniel
James McGar
Shannon Mcgee
Anna L. McGlennon
Mr. Michael Mckeel
Ms. Marra McMillan
Mr. Stephen McMorries
Dorthy McNeely
Pamela McNerthy
Dan McNutt
Gregg McNutt
Mallory McSweeney
Ms. Loren McVay
Ms. Cindy Medford
Olivia Medovich
Tommy Melvin
Jodie Menees
Justin Menees
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Mercer
Ms. Margot K. Merrill
Mr. Gary Metalonis and Mrs. Jackie Metalonis
Ms. Suzanne Meyers
Austin Miles
Mr. Clary Miller
Elisa Miller
Mr. Gregory Miller and Mrs. Miller L. Connie
Joe Miller
Ricky Miller
Kayla Mills
Mr. Sidney J. Milton and Ms. Suzanne French
Lynn Minter
Ms. Angela Mitchell
Austin R. Mitchell
Don Mitchell
Robert Mitchell
Dawn Mohler
Mr. Brian Mohon
Mr. John Monkowski and Mrs. Jeannine Monkowski
Mia Monroe
Ms. Montgomery
Josh Moore
Mr. Johnny Morganti and Mrs. Jane Morganti
Mr. John Moriarity
Amy Morris
Ms. Angela Morris
Mr. Brent Morris and Mrs. Jane Morris
Mr. Morris
Marty Morris
Mr. Michael Morton
Meghan Mottaz
Ms. Kathryn U. Mowery
Ms. Judith Muehleman
Ms. Katherine Mueller
Ms. Patricia Mullins
Murray Insurance Agency
James Murray
Murray Motor Co.
Mr. Oliver Muscio and Mrs. Fügen Muscio
James Myatt
Ms. Sheila Myers
Mr. Paul Myhill and Mrs. Linda Myhill
Ms. Ashleigh Myszka
Ms. Crystal Nadeau
Ms. Tammy A. Nall
Mr. Derek R. Nance
Kimberley Nance
Ms. Rebecca B. Nance
Mr. Rocky L. Napier
Dr. Stuart Naulty and Mrs. Cherly A. Naulty
Ms. Courtney Neel
Mr. Timothy C. Nelson
Mr. Aaron Noffsinger and Mrs. Ashley Noffsinger
Mr. Walter Norris
Mrs. Linda C. Norsworthy
North Pleasant Grove Cumberland
Clayton Norton
Mr. Ron Novak and Mrs. Karen Novak
Ms. Janet Oakes
Dr. George Okley
Mr. Matthew Oakley
Evalena O'Dell
Rodney O'Dell
Ms. Christi Oden
Courtney Odom
Mr. Dennis Ohnstad
Candi Oldfield
Kim Oliver-Watt
Ms. Jennifer Olsen
Mr. Brian O'Neill
Magdalena O'Neill
Larry D. Opperman
J. D. Orr
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Orr
Traci Orr
Sheri Osment
B.J. Outland
Mr. Bob Outland and Mrs. Linda Outland
Mr. J.D. Outland and Mrs. Kay Outland
Ms. Martha Outland
Sue Outland
Ms. Michael Overbey
Dennis Overby
Michael Overby
Mr. Earl Owens
Mr. J.T. Page and Mrs. Rebecca Page
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Page
Pamela C. Papps
Mr. William Pardue and Mrs. Susan Pardue
Bronda Parker
Charlotte R. Parker
Brandy Parrish-Wade
Mr. Charles H. Paschall and Mrs. Brenda J. Paschall
Joe W. Paschall
Mr. Terry Paschall and Mrs. Kelli C. Paschall
Susan V. Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward  Pavlick
Jason C. Penner
Mr. Nate Pennington
Chrystal Perigo
Daniel Perigo
Matthew Perovich
Ms. Debra A. Perry
Ms. Edna A. Perry
Jennifer Perry
Lance Perry
Raymond Peters
Angie Peterson
Mike Petter
Mr. Conrad Peyton
Heather Pfleuger
Ms. Pharris
Mr. William Phillips and Mrs. Nancy Phillips
Ms. Leah Phillips-Black
Mr. & Mrs. Lawerance Philpot
Mrs. Kim Pickard
Ms. April M. Pierce
James Pigg
Kayla Pigg
Kayla Pigg
Michael Pitman
Donna Pittman
Mr. Ralph L. Pittman and Mrs. Cheryl A. Pittman
Dr. James W. Pledger II and Mrs. Jill Pledger
Dr. James W. Pledger and Mrs. Jill Pledger
Will Pledger
Mr. Eurie Pogue
Ms. Patty L. Pogue
Mr. Poole
vanessa poston
Ms. Sheila Potter
Elaine Poynter
Ms. Jeannie M. Prather
Tina Pratt
Felisha K. Prescott
Ms. Carolyn Price
Faye Puckett
Mr. Jewell Puckett and Mrs. Karen Puckett
Ms. Amy Pullen
Gabrielle Pulliam
James Pulliam
Kenny Pulliam
Kenneth Purcell
Korrie Purcell
Terry Quillen
Michael Quinones
Andy Radomski
Mr. John Rall and Mrs. Margaret R. Rall
Michael Ramage
Mr. Hugh T. Raspberry
Mr. Tony Raspberry and Mrs. Cheryl Raspberry
April M. Ray
Ms. Ginger L. Ray
J.D. Rayburn
Ms. Reba Reader
Ms. Janice Reaney
Anna Redden
Cassandra M. Reed
Mr. David Reed Jr.
Lauren R. Reed
Jessica Reeder
Dave Reeves
Ms. Laura A. Reeves
Ms. Carolyn A. Rehmus
Jennifer K. Rehmus
Mr. Reichmuth
Mr. Glen D. Reid
Ms. Emilie R. Reinhardt
Mr. Jonathan Render
Ms. Jessica Renfroe
Marianne Rentfro
Mr. Ronald Reuter and Mrs. Beverly Reuter
Carla H. Rexroat
Jamie Rheaume
Mr. & Mrs. James Rice
Katelyn Rice
Ms. Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Richardson
Mr. Ed Riddle and Mrs. Denise Riddle
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Ridley
Mr. Riggins
Mr. John R. Rikel and Mrs. Christy Rikel
Ms. Michelle A. Ring
Mr. Keith Roach
Mr. Herchell Robertson and Mrs. Jeanne Robertson
Ms. Patricia Robertson
Bryce Robinson
Mr. Gary Robinson and Mrs. Elaine Robinson
Don Rogers
Mr. Doug Rogers
Franklin Rogers
Glenn Rogers
Ms. Kathy A. Rogers
Ms. Elizabeth Rohrer
Rolling Thunder Indiana Chapter 6
Bethany Romine
Mr. Petter A. Roney and Mrs. Susan J. Roney
Dr. Windfield H. Rose
Dianna M. Ross
Mr. Billy Ross and Mrs. Jaime Ross
Carla Rossi
Joseph Rossi
Mr. Tony Roth
Mr. Bobby Rowland
Mr. Dan Rowland
Mike Rowland
Ms. Kathy G. Rudolph
Mr. Michael W. Rushing Jr. and Mrs. Kristen Rushing
Russell Chapel United Methodist
Mr. Craig Russell
Eugene Rutland
Deus Rwaheru
Mr. Ahmed Sabie and Mrs. Vicki Sabie
Rita Safranek
Andrea Sahagian
Tyler Salyers
Mr. & Mrs. John Sammons
Ms. Susan Sammons
LeRoy Sanborn
Linda Sanborn
Barry Sandefer
Ms. Mary Sanders
Zamzam Sangau
Mrs. Julie Santiago
Ashley Sarmiento
George Sarmiento
Savannah K. Scales
Amanda Scallions
Eric Scallions
Keith Schaal
Mr. Gene M. Schanbacher and Mrs. Priscilla Schanbacher
Ms. Patricia Scherer
Mr. Jeff Schmidt
Joanna Schmidt
Mr. Timothy Schroeder
Shelly R. Schuster
Lori Schwartzmiller
Mr. Phillip Schwettman
James P. Scott
Mr. Jason Scott
Ms. Karla J. Scott
Mr. William Seales and Mrs. Billie J. Seales
Sears Hometown Store
Mary Sears
Catherine Seay
Eddie Seay
Mr. Scott Seiber and Mrs. Patricia Seiber
Benjamin Seig
Dr. Steve Seltzer andMarlene G. Seltzer
Mr. Larry W. Seward and Mrs. Pamela H. Seward
Jennifer Shavey
Ms. Paula Shaw
Mr. Brent Shelley
Mrs. Joan Shelley and Mr. Buddy Shelley
Mr. Ray Shelton
Russ Shemberger
Kayla Sherwood
Mr. Walter A. Shipp and Mrs. Brenda Shipp
David Shively
Ms. Shown
Jim Shulman
Edwin Shultz
Mr. Steven Silva
Robin Simmons
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Simms
Stephanie M. Simpson
Mr. Joe R. Sims and Mrs. Wilma J. Sims
Sarah Sims
Christian Singer
Gary Singer
Gary Singer
Vicki Singer
Susan Skipworth
Mr. Matthew Sloan and Mrs. Bethany Sloan
Shawn Smee
Alison Smith
Beverly S. Smith
Ms. Christy Smith
Claudia Smith
Dawn Smith
Ms. Donna Smith
Erin Smith
Mr. James E. Smith and Mrs. Kathy Smith
Janice G. Smith
Ms. Katherine Smith
Ms. Kathleen M. Smith
Kerry Smith
Ms. Lois Smith
Mrs. Mary K. Smith
Richard Smith
Ms. Leah Smothers
Ms. Beth Solomon
Somerset-Lake Cumberland Realtors
Ms. Peggie Sonnier
Savannah K. Sooter
Brittlyn Sosh
Nick J. Spadafino
Susan Spencer
Don Spiceland
Carol M. Spivey
Debbie Stairs
Mr. & Mrs. Stanfa
Emily Stark
Ms. Julie Staudacher
Chad Steele
Mr. Steve Steele
Ms. Donna M. Steelman
Ms. Brenda Stephens
Allie Stevens
Ms. Andrew Stevens
Kelsey Stevens
Ms. Anita Stevenson
Ms. Joan B. Stewart
Mr. Stiffler
Debbie Stiles
Victoria Stockwell
Ms. Sara Stoffel
Ms. Donna Stottmann
Jeannette Stottmann
Bill Strader
Franklin Strahl
James A. Stricker
Mr. Joseph Sturgeon and Mrs. Barbara Sturgeon
Ms. Melissa Stutzenberger
Neeltje J. Suffern
Joseph Sullivan
Mr. Lowell Sullivan and Mrs. Judy T. Sullivan
Susie Sullivan
Terry Sullivan
Ms. Tara Swan
Robert Swift
Mr. David M. Sykes and Mrs. Beth A. Sykes
Shea Sykes and Brenda Sykes
Jim Szyszkiewilz
Jeff S. Taylor
Mr. Joe D. Taylor and Mrs. Belinda Taylor
Mr. Travis Terrell
J Larry Thomas
Ms. Thomason
Brandy Thompson
Cindy Thompson
Mr. Mike Thompson and Mrs. Cloa Thompson
Ms. Virginia Thomson
Tonya Thornton
Mr. Paul Thurman
Ms. Wanda S. Thweatt
Tori Tiller
Tom Timmons
Janna Tobergte
Ms. Micheala L. Toews
Ms. Mark A. Torsak
Tiffany Towberman
James Travis
Ricky Travis
Gregg Travs
Zachary Traylor
Mr. Robbie Trevathan
Ms. Angela Troutman
Mr. Richard Troy and Mrs. Frances Troy
Mr. Todd Truitt
LaTricia Trull
Damien Tubania
Brandy Tucker
Mr. Terry Tucker and Mrs. Jan Tucker
Mr. Larry Tucker
Tammy Tucker
Mr. Terry Tucker and Mrs. Ruby Tucker
Mr. Terry Tucker and Mrs. Phyllis Tucker
Whitney Tucker
Clara Turner
Evelyn Turner
James Turner
Mr. Kevin W. Turner and Mrs. Jackie A. Turner
Dr. Vince C. Tusa and Mrs. Betty H. Tusa
Ms. Kay Tyler
Ms. Amanda Tynes
Mr. Ronald Tyree
UMWA Health and Retirement Funds
United Steel Workers Union, Local 879
United Transportation Union
Jennifer Upton
Paul Upton
Heidi Van Ameringen
Jessica N. Van Horn
Kristi Vance
John Varden
Maggie Vaughan
Amy C. Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn
Ms. Sue Veazey
Ms. Elizabeth Vickery
Laura Vincent
Clayton Virgo
Greg Vonnahme
Mr. & Mrs. John Waddell
Ms. Shirley A. Wade
Janelle Wadsworth
Ms. Alesa J. Walker
Cassandra Walker
Janette Walker
Mr. Jason L. Walker and Mrs. Lizabeth L. Walker
Mr. Gerald Walker and Mrs. Noma Walker
Paul Walker
Paul Walker
Robert Walker
Robin Walker
Ms. Susan Walker
Melinda P. Wall
Ms. Mindy Wall
Cori Wallace
Ms. Jane Wallace
Ms. Lois A. Waller
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wallis
Kim Wallis
Ms. Norma Wallis
Sharon Waltrip
David W. Wand
Mr. & Mrs. John Wand
Mr. Dan Wann
Tina Ward
Dana Washam
Ms. Kristi L. Washam
Leah Washam
Mr. Jamie Washer and Mrs. Shirley Washer
Water Aeribics Class
Mr. Jeff Waters and/ Mrs. Kandi R. Waters
Vickie Watford
Jack Watkins
Laura Watkins
Clifford Watson
Mr. Derrick Watson and Mrs. Amy Watson
Amy Watters
Ms. Sara Wawrin
Ms. Jane Weaks
Mr. Levi A. Weatherford
Mr. Preston Weatherly
Neil V. Weber
Franklin Wells
Dr. James Wells III
Mr. Martin Wells and Mrs. Faye Wells
West Fork Missionary Baptist Church
West Kentucky Community & Technical College
West Kentucky Neurology Inc.
Western Kentucky Insurance Agency
David Wetmore
Alona Wheeler
Matthew Wheeler
Stephenie Wheeler
Ms. Deena Whirley
Cody White
Mr. Daniel White
Ms. Nix Ann A. White
Ms. Fay S. Whitnell
Ronald Whitt
Mr. Dennis Whittaker
Mr. Thomas L. Whittenberg and Mrs. Sandra K. Whittenberg
Ms. Ellen Whittington
Mr. Michael Wicker and Mrs. Rhonda Wicker
Helen I. Wiggins
Marjorie Wilkerson
Mr. Sam Willett
Christine M. Williams
Ms. Emily Williams
Fannie M. Williams
Mr. Johnny Williams
Ms. Jordan B. Williams
Ms. Judy A. Williams
Mrs. Vicki W. Williams
Lamar Williamson
Andrea Williford
Mr. Brian Wilmurth and Mrs. Gina Wilmurth
Ms. Angela Wilson
Mr. Brandon Wilson
Mr. Corey Wilson
Mr. Daron N. Wilson
Mr. James P. Wilson and Mrs. Janice Wilson
Jerry Wilson
Mr. Michael Wilson and Mrs. Laura E. Wilson
Ms. Wilson
Sharon Wilson
Ms. Shelia Wilson
Donnie Winchester
Lisa Winchester
Mr. Scott R. Winkler
Brian Winston
Scotty Winston
Mr. Phil Wiser and Mrs. Wilma J. Wiser
Ms. Cathy Wix
Ms. Katherine Wood
Mr. Dale Woodall and Mrs. Patsy D. Woodall
Larry W. Woodall
Chad Woods
Ms. Kristy Woods
Patti Woods
Barry Woodward
Mr. Ross Woodward
Jed D. Workman
Mr. Russell Workman
Ms. Patricia Worthington
Jennifer Wyatt
Mr. Brian Wynn and Mrs. Johannah Wynn
Tanya Wysocki
Mr. & Mrs George Yahnke
Aviva Yasgur
Dr. and Mrs. Yates
Mary J. Yates
Veronica Yeager
Ms. Margaret Yearry
Veronica A. Yocum
Mr. Bruce Young and Mrs. Amanda Young
John A. Youngerman
Glenn Zanaty
Mr. Tan Zhang
Kyle Ziegler
Dennis Zimmer
Mr. Rodney Zimmer
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Zimmerman