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Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

The Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Murray-Calloway County Hospital is dedicated to helping patients past the hurdles of recovery and back to their lives, work, family, and independent living.

The Acute Inpatient Rehab Program is designed to help you regain your highest level of independence. We are dedicated to providing the care necessary to meet physical, psychological and social needs in an environment that promotes well-being and independence. Our program is a comprehensive acute patient program where those who have suffered disabling illness or injury have the opportunity to rebuild their lives and achieve their highest level of functioning. Some of the conditions that are commonly treated in the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit include: stroke, fractured hips/femurs, total joint replacements, brain injury, spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions, amputations, multiple trauma, and other debilitating conditions resulting in loss of independence in self-care and mobility.

About Our Program
The Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is a 12-bed inpatient program located on the 4th floor within Murray-Calloway County Hospital. The unit will provide a full range of rehabilitation therapies on site. Besides patient rooms, there will be a therapy gym and a kitchen, bathroom and washer/dryer for patients to practice taking care of themselves before they actually return home.

The interdisciplinary team will develop an individualized treatment plan to help the patient become as independent as possible with the activities of daily living, including mobility and homemaking skills, and facilitate re-entry into the home and community. The patient will receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy per day for 5 days per week.

Rehabilitation Team

  • Rehabilitation Nursing - will help you become more independent by assisting you to "do for yourself," practicing techniques you learn in therapy.
  • Physical Therapy - helps strengthen muscles, increase endurance, improve balance, and improve mobility.
  • Occupational Therapy - focuses on activities to help you care for yourself and improve your motor coordination.
  • Speech Therapy - will identify and assist in treating communication and swallowing disorders.
  • Social Work - coordinates care conferences with you and your family to assist with discharge planning for supportive services needed.
  • Other - psychology, respiratory therapy, clinical nutrition, vocational rehab, audiology, and others, as needed.

To Make a Referral
If you believe a person may benefit from our services, please give us a call. A member of our staff will perform an assessment at no charge. Patients and their families may also ask their physician or hospital social worker to initiate a referral.

Contact the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Murray Hospital direct by calling:
(270) 762-1429
Toll Free: 1-866-442-1429
Fax: (270) 762-1446


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