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Health and Wellness

Nutrition Consultation

One of the benefits of membership is having a nutrition professional available at the center to assist you in reaching your weight management and health related goals.

With her office located in the Center for Health and Wellness, our Registered and Licensed Dietitian is here to meet with you to identify areas of nutritional concern and set realistic goals to improve nutrition. She will provide education, accountability and support to help you make the changes you need to be successful with reaching your goals.

You can choose the topic that meets your individual needs for general education such as weight management, healthy eating tips, sports nutrition and others. If you are working with a physician for a specific medical problem, then an order will be needed from your physician for Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Because many of your eating behaviors have taken a lifetime to develop, we may not be able to address all of your concerns at one session. The good news is that you may schedule as many visits with our RD as needed to help you be successful.

CHW members receive a 20% discount for these self-pay services. Payment can be paid at the time of service or be placed on your monthly statement.

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