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Your admission to Murray-Calloway County Hospital will be simplified if you follow these suggestions: Preadmission forms are available from the Admitting Office in advance of your admission. Stop by any time, and the admitting clerk will help you complete the forms so they will be ready when you are admitted. An admitting clerk is located at the Emergency Room Entrance on 9th Street.

If you have insurance coverage, you will need to furnish the name and address of your insurance company and your identifying numbers. The admitting clerk will also describe the details of our maternity prepayment plan, a plan that will answer your questions while easing your financial concerns about your babyís birth.

Murray-Calloway County Hospitalís Miracle Moments Prepayment Plan provides a way for you to know the approximate cost of your delivery as well as the approximate cost of the care for you and baby following the delivery of your child. You may decide to begin paying some or all of the costs not covered by your insurance.
Your payment schedule is dependent upon whether you have a vaginal or planned cesarean delivery and whether you have complete, partial or no insurance coverage.

If you have insurance coverage, you will be asked to pay only the portion not covered by insurance. You may pay this in installments or in a lump sum.

If your total hospital bill is below the amount you prepaid, you will receive a refund within a reasonable time after you leave the hospital. Should your total hospital bill exceed your prepaid fee because of multiple births, cesarean birth or a longer stay for mother or baby due to illness or complications, your prepaid fee will go toward your total hospital bill. You will be billed for the excess approximately two (2) weeks after you leave the hospital.

The prepayment plan does not include any tests or procedures such as fetal monitoring or ultrasound which you may have as an outpatient before you are admitted to the hospital for the delivery of your baby, nor does it cover non-hospital charges such as physician, pediatrician, anesthesiologist, or radiologist fees.

We encourage you to begin prepayment as early in your pregnancy as possible. You may sign up for the prepayment plan when you preregister at the Admitting Office in the hospital. This can be done as early as eight weeks into your pregnancy.

Your Account Representative

At Murray-Calloway County Hospital, each of our guests is assigned an account representative. Then during preadmission, he/she is your own personal representative responsible for helping with your financial concerns.

This person or our patient accounts manager can help you with your insurance coverage, assist you in arranging a financial plan to meet your needs and will file your insurance claim for you. Please feel free to contact your patient representative if at any time you have questions, simply call our Business Office.


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