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Preparing for Surgery

Prep SurgeryPre-Admission Testing
You will be scheduled for a pre-admission interview. Blood tests, urinalysis, chest x-ray, or EKG may be ordered by your physician. This will allow us to detect any problems that may effect your procedure.

The pre-admission staff will coordinate these diagnostic tests which will be done during the pre-anesthesia visit.

Please be prepared to make your co-payment as shown on your insurance identification card.

A list of things to bring:

  1. You medication, or a list of medication you are presently taking, including vitamins and herbs.
  2. A list of your allergies.
  3. If you have an Advanced Directive or a Living Will, please bring a copy of the document.
  4. Any x-ray films, such as mammograms or other procedures, as directed by your physician.
  5. Lab work completed recently at another facility.
  6. Insurance information.



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