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What is Problem Sleepiness
Everyone feels sleepy at times. However, when sleepiness interferes with daily routines and activities, or reduces the ability to function, it is called "problem sleepiness." Problem sleepiness occurs when patients don't get enough sleep because of primary sleep disorders (such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome or narcolepsy), other medical conditions (such as chronic bronchitis or congestive heart failure) or lifestyle factors (such as shift work). Sleepy persons exhibit levels of impairment that range from poor functioning at home, school or work, to potentially life-threatening automobile crashes and industrial accidents.

What causes Problem Sleepiness?
Sleepiness can be due to the body's natural daily sleep-wake cycles, inadequate sleep, sleep disorders, or certain drugs.

Dr. Rachel Korson, Medical Director Dawn Henderson, Coordinator

Evaluation by a sleep specialist is recommended for the diagnosis and treatment of a sleep disorder A sleep study provides doctors with information about how you breathe and sleep. This data will enable the sleep specialist to determine the type and severity of your sleep disorder. It can also help to determine your treatment options.


What to Expect

  1. If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, the sleep specialist will work with you to tailor your therapy to your disorder.
  2. Insurance may pay for some or all of your equipment costs.
  3. Treatment may include medicines, an appliance or counseling.

Treatment Benefits
With proper treatment, people with sleep disorders can increase the quality of their lives. By using the prescribed therapy, people get the restful sleep they need. This can result in:

  • Less daytime drowsiness and fatigue
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Better work performance
  • Less health risks, such as heart problems, high blood pressure or stroke

To schedule an appointment please call (270) 762-1579. 


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