Posted 01/16/2018

Spring Creek Winter Ball
Pictured above, Clifford and Mary Spencer

It may have been chilly outside, but the spirits were warm and bright inside Spring Creek Health Care, as the staff and residents gathered in the dining hall for the first annual winter ball. Enjoying the fun, were residents, their families and friends. 

The ball was held as an activity to promote movement and social interaction amongst residents, family and staff. Residents were able to receive therapy in the form of dance, while having fun at the same time. Many residents’ spouses were in attendance, resulting in enjoyable time spent together.

During the ball, residents were encouraged to dance with the assistance of the team of health care professionals at Spring Creek, as well as their spouses or family members that were present.

One of the residents shared that her daughter was visiting for the Winter Ball and was excited to be able to see her mother dance.

“Our first Winter Ball was a huge success,” said JoAnna Thomas, director of activities. “It was so rewarding to see the residents having such a great time, dancing and smiling,” Thomas continued.

The staff of Spring Creek Health Care were extremely pleased to offer the Winter Ball to their residents and are already looking forward to hosting the ball again, next year!

Spring Creek Health Care has proudly served our region since 1964. They offer a 226-bed long-term care, Medicare-certified facility which provides comprehensive rehabilitation and restorative services. Spring Creek has a highly-skilled staff who focuses on providing our residents specialized quality care to live a full, healthy life.

Sherman and Marion Lawson

Sunshine Robinson and Missy Liles, Activity Assistant