Posted 04/09/2019


In 2017, Kasey Castillo came to a point in her life when she was almost completely walker dependent. As the mother of a child with autism, her focus was to take care of her son and she had little motivation to care for herself. She hit her highest weight of 326 lbs. and knew it was time to make big changes for herself.

Kasey met with the Bariatric Solutions office and started her journey on having gastric sleeve surgery. Prior to her bariatric surgery, she joined the Center for Health & Wellness where she lost 65 lbs and then followed the liver shrinking diet and lost an additional 15 lbs before undergoing gastric sleeve bariatric surgery on March 26, 2018.

"Everyone is nice and glad to see me and the staff has been so encouraging. I get lots of one on one help. I kinda feel like Norm at Cheers,” laughed Kasey.

However, her journey did not end after her surgery Kasey wanted a complete lifestyle change and began incorporating exercise into her daily routine. She started with physical therapy in the pool, and as she gained strength, started attending the water aerobics classes. She said Jana was an important part of helping her get comfortable in water aerobics.

As she continued to progress, she worked with exercise specialists, Austin and Kelsey, who customized a plan specific to her needs. She said there is something for everyone at the Wellness Center and likes doing a little of everything to have variety in her workouts. She really enjoys water aerobics, the fitness classes, and the total body ergometer bike is one of her favorites.

A little over a year since her surgery Kasey has lost a total of 126 lbs. Today, she still exercises 6-7 days a week and is determined to stay committed to her eating and exercise plan.

I'm learning to take care of my family better with food and encouraging them as well. I physically feel better, my self-esteem has improved, and I just feel better about myself. Working out with my life partner Lou, and son Austin, is now something we can do together as a family,” said Kasey.

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Faces of Wellness is a look into how the Center for Health & Wellness has affected community members and has made a positive health change in their lives. These stories are gathered and then shared to help inspire others to make a positive change.