Pediatric Outpatient Therapy
Murray Calloway County hospital's Pediatric Rehabilitation Program offers the most current therapeutic approaches and state-of-the-art technologies to help children with physical, speech or occupational disabilities or injuries and live their lives to the fullest.

Conditions commonly diagnosed and treated:

  Autism  •   Brachial plexus injury 
•   Cerebral Palsy  •   Communication delays 
•   Developmental delays  •   Feeding difficulties 
•   Fine motor impairments  •   Genetic disorders 
•   Hand injuries  •   Juvenile Arthritis 
•   Musculoskeletal Disorders  •   Neurological Disorders 
•   Oral motor deficits  •   Orthopedic conditions 
•   Sensory motor impairments  •   Sports injuries 
•   Sensory processing disorders 

Speech Language Pathology services can help children with all types of speech, language, feeding and swallowing, and cognitive communication disorders and are done one-o-one with a Speech-Language pathologist..

Physical Therapy is intended to help both infants and children with strength, balance, endurance, ball handling skills and progression with gross motor skills.  Functional activities including rolling, crawling, walking, jumping and much more with a one-on-one therapist.  

Occupational Therapy involves muscle strengthening, range of motion, work on coordination, motor planning, visual perception skills and motor skills.  It also includes direct practice of the task, often with adaptations or modifications of the fine motor and self care tasks (cutting, writing, tying shoes) that are difficult for the individual child.