Covid-19 UpdateThe Blood Donor Center at MCCH is considered to be a life-sustaining business and remains open for blood donations.  Please click here for information on this topic from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.  Call us today at 270.762.1119 to schedule your appointment.

MCCH Blood Donor Center Staff Members
Pictured, from left, Janet Valadez, Blood Donor Recruiter; Linda Cavitt, Laboratory Director and Teresa Starks, Blood Bank Coordinator.

Murray-Calloway County Hospital has one of only two hospital-based blood banks in the state of Kentucky, which means the blood you donate here, stays here.

By donating blood with a donor group or an individual donation, you are helping children, adults, accident victims, those undergoing surgery and possibly even a family member, co-worker or friend.  A short period of your time is well worth the effort because the constant supply of blood provided locally to our Center gives the gift of life to many.


  • On any given day, an average of 38,000 units of red blood cells are needed for hospital patients in the United States.
  • One in 10 people entering a hospital needs blood. The blood donated at MCCH donor center is given to patients at Murray Calloway County Hospital.
  • Approximately 38 percent of the population is eligible to donate blood.  Of those eligible, only a small fraction have actually given blood.
  • In the United States, someone needs a blood transfusion about every two seconds.
  • The average adult body contains 10-12 pints of blood.  A newborn baby has about one cup of blood in his or her body.
  • Red blood cells must be transfused within 35 days.
  • There is no substitute for human blood.  It cannot be manufactured.
  • Almost everyone will know someone who needs blood.
  • Blood is often needed for traumas, surgeries, joint replacements, organ transplants, premature babies, leukemia, cancer treatments and much more.
  • People in car accidents who suffer massive blood loss may require transfusions of blood cells.

Person donating blood at the MCCH Blood Donor CenterBLOOD DRIVE EVENTS

Giving blood is safe, easy, fast and saves lives. By donating blood you will be helping children, adults, accident victims, people undergoing surgery, and maybe even a family member, co-worker or friend. Your five to ten minute donation will be over before you know it. Afterward, you can relax for a few minutes with refreshments. The entire process takes less than one hour.


Did you know that people under the age of 18 can donate blood? Download the consent form below and earn your Red Cord as a High School graduate!  Click here to download the Minors Consent Form.

Be a Red Cord Graduate


If you are not able to attend a Blood Drive, feel free to donate at the Blood Donor Center. Call for more information:  270.762.1119. Effective Monday, May 17th, 2021, our hours will be changing.

Donation Hours
Monday – Thursday:  7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
Friday: By Appointment Only – 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
(Appointment preferred but not necessary)
Friday:  By appointment only

Upcoming Blood Drives


The MCCH Blood Bank would not be successful without local supporters.  We want to recognize these local organizations for their regular participation in our Blood Drives.

  • Calloway County High School
  • City of Murray
  • Finish Line Car Wash
  • First Baptist Church
  • First Methodist Church
  • Glendale Road Church of Christ
  • Murray-Calloway County Hospital
  • MCCH Center for Health and Wellness
  • Murray Electric
  • New Zion’s Baptist Church
  • Paschall Truck Lines
  • Poplar Springs Baptist Church
  • Spring Creek Health Care
  • University Church of Christ

For more information on how you can help save lives, call our blood donor recruiter at 1.800.342.6224 or 270.762.1119 or email us at