The Regional Cancer Center represents a major investment in technology- offering the very latest in cancer treatments. If a cancer can be treated by radiation, then it can be treated here. Our new treatment stimulator- a type of X-ray machine- provides pinpoint data for targeting radiation beams, taking into account the size of the tumor, its position and its proximity to vital organs. Our advanced linear accelerator then utilizes high-energy rays to reach deep-seated tumors. The linear accelerator also allows the option of using electrons to give superficial treatment with minimal radiation doses to protect surrounding tissue and deeper organs. The depth and strength of radiation beams, the angle of impact and frequency are all precisely controlled by the linear accelerator. Since treatments are more precise, you are more likely to experience fewer and less severe side effects.

If chemotherapy is required, our specialized oncology nurses- under the direction of a medical oncologist- administer treatments in a comfortable, soothing environment. In this relaxed atmosphere, you can sleep, read or watch TV in comfort. And when treatment is done, home is just minutes away.


Each calendar year, the cancer committee develops and disseminates a report of patient or program outcomes to the public.  The following is a report of the accountability measures for data collected on our Breast, Lung and Colon Cancer patients in 2014.

MCCH Cancer Committee Report


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