Cardiac RehabilitationMCCH provides many specialized tests for those with heart conditions or suspected heart conditions. Along with the treadmill and EKG stress test, echocardiograms, an ultrasound showing the heart’s movement, stress echocardiograms and Holter monitoring are other options.


The rehabilitation program helps patients recover from cardiac events such as a heart attack, bypass surgery, valve repair or replacements, angioplasty or stents, to reach their maximum physical and emotional potential. Through education, exercise, counseling and support, our caring and experienced staff helps patients and their families to cope with the demands and challenges of cardiac disease.


The Cardiac Rehabilitation nurses determine the step at which you will begin Phase 1. The instruction portion of the program is designed to help you with lifestyle changes. It includes such topics as the anatomy of the heart, risk factors associated with heart disease, sexual activity, household limitations and a walking program to begin at home.


After you go home from the hospital, Phase II begins which consists of a pre-program evaluation, education and supervised exercise.


Before entering Phase II, you will have completed a physical examination by your doctor. On arrival an assessment and history will be obtained as well as a 6 minute walk test. Other tests will be provided to assess knowledge (cardiac) and general health status. You will expect to be in the cardiac rehab area for at least 1hr every session. During that period a variety of exercises will be completed as well as education classes.


Your personal exercise prescription will be developed according to your exercise tolerance. At each session you will begin with warm-up exercises and continue with a workout using various exercise equipment such as the exercise bicycle, treadmill, rowing machine, and platform stairs. Your goal is to progress to a 45-60 minutes exercise session. Sessions will be scheduled three times a week for 10-12 weeks.

A cardiac nurse, exercise physiologist and respiratory therapist may be present during the exercise sessions with a physician immediately available.


For those patients who have completed Phase II Cardiac Rehab but continue to require monthly monitoring. These patients come twice a week for unlimited time and are responsible for monthly costs.

We also have available a Pulmonary Rehab Program which meets three times a week M-W-F at 1:00 p.m. for patients with COPP, Fibrosis and multiple other pulmonary dz. During Pulmonary rehab an intensive assessment and evaluation is completed, then a program is developed for that patient’s exercise tolerance and increased as tolerated. Education sessions are provided for better understanding of how to care for and prevent exacerbations and improve living conditions. This program lasts for 10-12 weeks and is covered by most insurances.

PR also has a maintenance program available for pulmonary patients who desire to continue their exercise twice a week and is self pay as noted above.

If you have any questions about cardiac or pulmonary rehab, please call 270.762.1531.