Weaver Family Donation

The Trust Fund of the late Drs. Dick and Jan Weaver will support a total donation of $75,000 to the Foundation at Murray-Calloway County Hospital in support of the Enduring Hope Campaign for the building of a new Regional Cancer Center.  They have presented a check to the Foundation with their first $25,000 commitment for the naming of the portico at the future facility in memory of Dick and Janice Weaver.

The Enduring Hope campaign has been launched to raise money for a new $12 million Regional Cancer Center which will bring the oncologists, social workers, pharmacy, and infusion area under one roof. The centerpiece of the new Regional Cancer Center’s equipment will be a state-of-the-art linear accelerator that can deliver stereotactic radiation therapy.

The late Dr. Weaver has been a long-time supporter of the Foundation and hospice program. He also funded the start of the Music and Memory program at Spring Creek Health Care in recognition of his wife, Jan. He has been an active supporter in many Foundation initiatives including the purchase of firefighting training equipment for the hospital safety department. Dr. Weaver was a founding board member of the Murray Calloway Community Foundation, which partners with the hospital Foundation.

Dr. Weaver had a personal connection with supporting the Enduring Hope Campaign; he underwent treatment for basil cell skin cancer in the head and neck area. During his cancer treatment at the current facility, Brett Miles, Radiation Therapist, created a customized mask to help with his claustrophobia during his daily treatment sessions. Now, after his passing, his nephews are honoring him by supporting the building of a new facility and naming the portico in his honor.

For more information on how you can support the building of a new Regional Cancer Center in Murray, please contact Keith Travis, Chief Philanthropy Officer at 270.227.0253.

Pictured above, left to right: Patrick Weaver, Nephew of Dr. Dick Weaver, Lynn and Laura Weaver, Nephew, Jerry Penner, CEO, Brett Miles, Radiation Therapist at the Regional Cancer Center, and Keith Travis, Chief Philanthropy Officer.



Pella Foundation Donation

Pella Rollscreen Foundation recently made a $15,000 donation in contribution to the Enduring Hope campaign to be used for the new Regional Cancer Center project. Their Foundation also provided a similar grant to the Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House of $10,000.

The donation brings the total amount raised by the foundation for the project to nearly $200,000, said Keith Travis, Chief Philanthropy Officer.

At Pella, their mission is to better the communities around us and invest in the future, especially when it comes to creating opportunity for our youth and making a difference in their everyday lives. The Pella Rolscreen Foundation seeks to improve the “civic, cultural, educational, social and physical environment” of the areas where Pella employees live.

Murray-Calloway County Hospital’s Foundation has committed to raising $6 million of the estimated $12 million cost to build the new Regional Cancer Center.

“We have a lot of positive momentum moving forward with this campaign, and appreciate the community support thus far in responding to this very worthy project. We appreciate all those who have donated, and look forward to reaching our goal and working with future donors,” said Keith Travis, Chief Philanthropy Officer.

The Foundation supports MCCH and the community through numerous philanthropic opportunities such as the new Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House, purchase of new, state-of-the-art medical equipment and more. For more information on how you can contribute to the Enduring Hope Campaign, please call Keith Travis at 270.762.1908.

Pictured above left to right: Traci Lawrence, Senior Philanthropy Officer, Don Fraher, Pella Murray Site HR Business Partner, Jeremy Phillips, HR Manager, Donna Herndon, Enduring Hope Campaign Chair, Brad Cary, Senior Plant Manager, Ken Winters, Enduring Hope Committee Member, and Keith Travis, Chief Philanthropy Officer.

The Foundation at MCCH