The usual stay of mothers and new babies is two days. If delivery is by cesarean section, a two to three-day hospital stay should be anticipated.  Rooming-in provides mother and baby a chance to spend more time together in addition to the usual feeding times and is particularly good if you are breast-feeding.

Your physician and/or nurse practitioner will visit you each day of your hospital stay. If you have questions, please feel free to discuss your concerns at this time.

Most doctors feel that activity after delivery is beneficial. For that reason, you will be able to care for yourself after you have rested a bit. You may take your own shower and perform you own perineal care.

After delivery and while you are still in the hospital, our Miracle Moments staff will help you with any baby care questions that you may have. First time moms will be shown how to hold, diaper and dress your baby. We will also discuss breast and bottle-feeding. Our Lactation Nurse as well as our experienced maternity and nursery staff are always glad to talk with you. So please let us know what you need.

For your comfort and safety, you will be discharged in a wheelchair. A nurse, nursing assistant or a student nurse will escort you and your new baby to your car. Your baby must be placed in an approved rear-facing car seat for the ride home, so please make arrangements to have this required car seat with you on the day of discharge.  Please park at the North Tower entrance for patient pickup.