Geriatric Behavioral HealthThe Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit is an inpatient geriatric-psychiatric program for short-term care. It is a hospital-based program for individuals 55+ who are experiencing emotional or behavioral problems. The 12-bed inpatient unit is on the 2nd Floor of the North Towers and was specially designed to meet the needs of geriatric-psychiatric patients with a patient lounge room, a separate dining area, a recreational therapy room, and comfortable patient rooms. The program provides compassionate, short-term, comprehensive care for older patients in a secure, caring setting.


Psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals develop a treatment plan based on the individual needs of the patient. Treatment options help individuals renew social, physical and mental skills. Treatment plans, which are monitored closely and updated when necessary, may include counseling, group therapy and coordinated activities.


Geriatric behavioral health programs have specific guidelines and regulations. The following list is a brief explanation of our guidelines and hopefully will help to explain reasons your patient may or may not be accepted for admission in the behavioral health unit at MCCH.

The unit will admit patients who are 55 years of age or older and whose primary diagnosis is psychiatric. Criteria for admission in the behavioral health center include:

• 55+ years of age or older

• primary diagnosis must be psychiatric

• suffer from severe depression or anxiety disorder

• suffer from behavioral issues including depression, combativeness, or agitation

• experiences some level of dementia

• patients cannot be bedridden

Features of the behavioral health unit include:

• Nurses’ station

• Recreational therapy room

• Group and community dining area

• Quiet room


Any physician, mental health professional, family member or concerned individual may make referrals to the Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit. Simply call (270) 762-1220 to learn more about the inpatient geriatric-psychiatric program at Murray-Calloway County Hospital. All calls are kept confidential.


The Murray-Calloway County Hospital Geriatric Inpatient Program is pleased to offer a superior level of care.  Based on 2018 data, 97% of patients would recommend our services to others who needed similar treatment.  Click here to download the report.


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Geriatric Behavioral Health

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