Occupational Medicine at MCCH



Woman at doctor's officeOccMed at MCCH performs an array of physical examinations that can be customized to meet the needs of your company specifically. The use of a knowledgeable occupational medicine provider ensures that all regulatory components are considered when the physical is performed. Our providers are certified medical examiners to perform DOT examinations as outlined by the FMCSA.

DOT Examinations
DOT Exam Requirements
DOT Long Form

Post-Exposure Evaluation
and Treatment

Worker’s Compensation Treatment

Medical Surveillance Program

Survey for Hazardous Drug Handlers

Pre-Employment / Post-Offer Physicals

Respirator Exam
Respirator Questionnaire

Hazmat Physicals


OccMed at MCCH is able to perform screenings that evaluate the overall health and wellness of your employees which is crucial to employee satisfaction and productivity.

Vision: Titmus

Fit Testing, Qualitative and Quantitative
OSHA Requirements for Fit Testing
Respiratory Protection Standards

Pulmonary Function Test


Hearing Test
Hearing Questionnaire

TB Skin Test


OccMed at MCCH draws labs with results available in a quick and efficient manner. Results are reviewed by our providers with counseling offered by a provider for any abnormal results. These services can be provided in the office or on-site and are able to be customized to fit the needs of your employees.



HIV, including Rapid HIV




Heavy Metal


Liver Function

Post Exposure Testing
OSHA Post Exposure
PEP Quick Guide for Occupational Exposures


OccMed at MCCH works to ensure the health and wellness of your employees by providing immunizations to employees.  These services can be performed in the office or onsite.

Vaccine Information Statement

Vaccine Information Statement 

Hepatitis B
Vaccine Information Statement


OccMed at MCCH offers a complete range of regulated and non-regulated drug and alcohol testing services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your company policy.  All of our drug screens and breath alcohol testing will be performed by staff members that are certified in breath alcohol testing and urine drug screen collection as outlined by 49 CFR part 40.  These services can be provided at the clinic or onsite.

DOT and nDOT Urine drug screen collection with MRO services provided

ESCREEN collection site

Breath Alcohol Testing

Hair and Saliva Testing

Nicotine Testing

Blood Alcohol Testing


Work place injuries are to be expected.  At OccMed at MCCH, we focus on meeting the needs of the patient while balancing that with the needs of the employer.  Our staff is knowledgeable regarding OSHA-recordables and has a goal of keeping your employees working safely.  We strive to communicate with the employer throughout the Worker’s Compensation process.

We offer:

  • Evaluation and treatment of worker’s compensation injuries with x-ray and lab capabilities
  • Same day injury appointments, walk-ins welcome


WorkWell Quality Provider
WorkWell Quality Provider

Because workers are a company’s most valued asset, it is important that workers thrive so that the company can thrive.  In the unfortunate event workers are hurt, not only does their pain interfere with everyday functions, it affects how or if they can function at their jobs.  OccMed at MCCH, using WorkWell systems programs, can safeguard your workers and your company’s bottom line.

WorkWell Services offered by OccMed at MCCH include:

Functional Job Analysis
FJA is the process of evaluating and empirically measuring the critical functional demands of the job.  FJA involves assessing the employee, the work and the worksite. The FJA objectively quantifies, measures and categorizes the active components of the job, including the required movements, functions, forces and postures.

Functional Job Description (FJD)
The FJD is developed based on the objective information that is gathered during the FJA.

PreWork Screening (PWS)
A post-offer, pre-employment test (PWS) is performed to identify an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of a specific job.  During this comprehensive screen, the applicant will perform strength, range of motion and body mechanics which stimulate the activities of the job.  It allows the employer to make hiring decisions in a legal, fair and non-discriminatory way.

WorkSTAT Screen
An objective assessment of the injured employee’s functional abilities to perform work-related tasks. WorkSTAT is performed periodically as part of active physical or occupational therapy to identify the employee’s capabilities compared to a specific job or transitional work available after an injury/illness.

WorkFIT Screen
A functional test to determine an employee’s readiness for return to work/other activities performed prior to the physician’s final release to work.  The WorkFIT screen will determine whether the employee has the ability to safely perform all of the essential physical requirements of their job.  The results of a WorkFIT screen will be pass/fail.