radiation treatment
Murray-Calloway County Hospital is leading the way in radiation therapy. In all of Western Kentucky, the Regional Cancer Center has several technologies unique to this facility alone.

Our unique technology is Tomotherapy-IMRT. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) reduces healthy tissue injury as it targets less tissue with higher doses of radiation. The IMRT uses pencil-thin radiation beams to pinpoint the exact size and shape of cancerous tumors. Conventional radiation therapy consists of a single beam, making the target coverage imperfect and dosing difficult.

IMRT has many advantages to the patient including treatment for multiple tumors simultaneously, treatment for inoperable, odd-shaped tumors, and treatment for recurrent cancers that have already received maximum doses of radiation. This technology can particularly help patients with head, neck, prostate or lung cancers. Breast cancer patients who have lung problems may also be appropriate candidates.

A second unique technology is the ability to directly integrate the data from the PET/CT scanner into our treatment planning computers, and thereby assuring we are focusing treatment on the “right spot.” Dr. Giese offers brachytherapy to certain prostate cancer patients and for other select tumor types. At this brief outpatient surgical procedure, tiny radioactive seeds, no bigger than a grain of rice, are implanted directly within the tumor. This enables high dose irradiation to be delivered over time.

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