Sally McIntosh
Left to right – Becky, Sally, Betty and Kristie

Walking, sitting and standing had become a painful chore for Ms. Sally McIntosh, and she knew she needed help. After turning to Murray-Calloway County Hospital (MCCH) she was able to get the care and guidance she needed to get back to her normal life.

After surgery in Nashville, TN, Sally, knew she wanted therapy close to home. And after two days of therapy in Nashville she was ready to be back in her home town. She called Spring Creek Healthcare one morning, worked with their admissions coordinator and by that evening was admitted into their rehab program.

Sally is a Mayfield native but has lived in Murray since 1984. After completing her degree at Murray State University (MSU), she decided to stay at Murray State as a professor and has been there ever since. This year will make 25 years of her teaching English Composition at MSU. In her spare time, when she is not grading papers, she enjoys reading non-fiction books and doing needlepoint projects, which is a form of thread embroidery.

“I enjoy working with such a diversified group of students each semester. Since all students have to take this class I get to interact with so many different types of people. It makes each semester new and exciting,” said Sally McIntosh about teaching at MSU.

Ms. McIntosh said with teaching at MSU, a lot of walking is involved. “Walking to class became very painful for me and when this pain started affecting my daily living I knew I had to do something,” she said.

She then set up appointments at MCCH to explore her options. She tried physical therapy but it did not work, so then she was referred to a surgeon in Nashville who would be able to complete the invasive surgery she needed. Sally had extensive back surgery in June where she underwent two surgeries in 10 days.

After the surgery Sally was brought to Spring Creek Healthcare where she completed 8-weeks of inpatient therapy. When she first arrived staff had to use a lift to help her get up, but after time she was able to use a walker to help her and then eventually was able to walk on her own while completing her therapy there.

“The staff at Spring Creek did not let me give up or get discouraged. Any time I thought it was too difficult they were there to cheer me on. Betty, Becky and others at Spring Creek helped me push myself to do what I never thought I could. Everyone I interacted with was so kind and encouraging, they were continuously checking on me to make sure I was comfortable. This is a facility that I will continue to recommend to others needing rehab. Without this team of help I would have never been able to be where I am today,” said Ms. McIntosh.

After Spring Creek, she then completed in home therapy for the next 4-weeks where she was able to do more walking. Her goal was to walk for 20 minutes a day and she did just that.

Her next step in the recovery process was the outpatient care at the Center for Rehab and Sports Medicine. This part of the rehab has been taking place since October and she only has three or four more weeks to go.

“Kristie (Physical Therapist) has been so helpful at the Wellness Center. She was there for me before and after surgery and helped me regain my strength to being able to walk again. I am so thankful for her and the whole team who made this happen for me,” said Sally.

After finishing therapy, Sally wants to join the Center for Health and Wellness so she will be able to keep moving with the help of the wellness staff.

“There are so many classes to get involved in no matter your skill level and I look forward to being able to continue visiting the Wellness Center that has been so helpful to me during my outpatient care,” said Sally.

“Something so small as walking can often be overlooked, but it is until you are unable to do it that you realize just how vital it is to you. I will now always encourage people to be thankful for everything they have because you never know when something could happen and change everything for you. Being able to do little things like walk to my office and to class never seemed like they were so bad until the pain became unbearable for me,” said Sally. “Walking through Walmart even seems like such an annoyance but one of my goals is to be able to walk that store again without the pain I had before.”

After being fully recovered Sally can’t wait to get back to her students and take them on class tours of the library again.

The Rehab Suites at Spring Creek Healthcare are designed to help patients recover quicker from orthopedic or reconstructive surgery, trauma or a neurological condition. Individual plans and goal setting with the patient and family help patients enhance their abilities, regain their independence and return home to their friends and family. For more information about Spring Creek Healthcare Rehab Center, call 270.752.2900 or visit their facebook page:

The Center for Rehab and Sports Medicine is able to treat a wide variety of diagnosis such as patients who suffer from back strain/sprains, and degenerative changes associated from wear and tear and bulging discs. The Center for Rehab and Sports Medicine also offers services for patients recovering from major surgery, strokes, heart attacks, neurological and orthopedic conditions, as well as other illnesses, injuries, chronic conditions and disabilities. For more information, contact the Center for Rehab & Sports Medicine at 270.762.1854.