An estimated 15 million Americans are afflicted with dysphagia, a condition that causes discomfort or difficulty swallowing. At its most severe, this disorder can take away the ability to eat and profoundly disrupt life. Dysphagia is particularly common after a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, but also is common in various neurological disorders, head and neck cancer and in the aging population.

VitalStim®VitalStim® uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation in conjunction with conventional swallowing exercises to strengthen, reeducate and improve muscle control.

The electricity stimulates inactive or atrophied swallowing muscles, with the goal of strengthening and reeducating the muscles and improving motor control of the swallowing mechanism.

VitalStim® Therapy is used to assist patients who suffer from acute stroke, aging, difficulty swallowing, dysphagia, head/neck cancer or neurological diseases. The benefits are an accelerated recovery from restricted diets, FDA approved, sustainability of long-term results, non-invasiveness and safe and effective.

Our VitalStim® provider is Crisann Chander, M.S. CCC-SLP.