WorkWell Quality Provider

MCCH Rehabilitation Services is a Certified WorkWell Quality Provider. Our therapists are certified in an integrated approach to pre-work physical screening, workers’ comp program management and return-to-work plans.

Keeping your workers healthy, at work and productive is important to your business. That’s why you look for WorkWell quality providers to help you hire better employees, and deliver results-driven injury prevention and management services.

Our affiliation with WorkWell means that we have an international research team, a global network of health professionals as well as proprietary decision support tools.


Functional Job Analysis (FJA): FJA is the process of evaluating and empirically measuring the critical functional demands of the job. FJA involves assessing the employee, the work and the worksite. The FJA objectively quantifies, measures and categorizes the active components of the job, including the required movements, functions, forces and postures.

Functional Job Description (FJD): The FJD is developed based on the objective information that is gathered during the FJA. The FJD details the physical requirements to perform each job safely.

PreWork Screening (PWS): A post offer, pre-employment test (PreWork Screen) is performed to identify an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of a specific job. During this comprehensive screen, the applicant will perform strength, range of motion and body mechanics which simulate the activities of the job. It allows the employer to make hiring decisions in a legal, fair and non-discriminatory way.

WorkSTAT Screen: An objective assessment of the injured employee’s functional abilities to perform work-related tasks. WorkSTAT is performed periodically as part of active physical or occupational therapy to identify the employee’s capabilities compared to a specific job or transitional work available after an injury/illness.

WorkFIT Screen: A functional test to determine an employee’s readiness for return to work/other activities performed prior to the physician’s final release to work. The WorkFIT screen will determine whether the employee has the ability to safely perform all of the essential physical requirements of their job. The results of a WorkFIT screen will be pass/fail.

For more information about WorkWell Quality Provider services, please call Keena Miller, Director, at 270.762.1830.