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Compliance Hotline

MCCH has a 24/7 HOTLINE Service: 1-800-270-0576

At Murray-Calloway County Hospital open lines of communication are valued. In the Corporate Compliance Program, one established avenue for communication is the telephone HOTLINE. This HOTLINE is for reporting concerns including waste, fraud and abuse, and for clarification of compliance related issues.

To ensure confidentiality, the compliance HOTLINE is managed and operated by an independent, third party-company, Global Compliance Services. Employees may use this HOTLINE to report suspected or known wrongdoing without fear of retaliation or disciplinary action for reporting an issue in good faith. The compliance department will document any resulting investigation pursuing corrective action.

Each employee is encouraged to report compliance issues directly to their immediate supervisor or other member of the management team. It is recognized that this may not always be possible or comfortable for the employee. If this is the case, each employee is encouraged to use the HOTLINE for reporting.

The HOTLINE is free, confidential and effective.

What types of situations should be reported to the Compliance HOTLINE?

  • Theft
  • Healthcare billing
  • Bribes
  • Kickbacks
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Ethical Questions
  • Internal Controls
  • Misuse of funds or property
  • Questions regarding MCCH policy or state or federal law
  • Questions related to sexual harassment

To assist the reporting and resolution process, please be prepared to share with the person accepting the report the following information:

  • FACTS: Please advise the facts as you believe those to be of situation or issue.
  • CONDUCT: Please advise your thoughts on the specific illegal or improper conduct that has occurred.
  • VIOLATION: Please advise which, if any, law, regulation, policies or procedures that may have been violated with the person taking the report.

To accommodate callers who do not speak English or who prefer to communicate in their native languages the HOTLINE service will employ the services of a third-party telephonic interpretation service.

As has been said, open communication is very important to MCCH and thank you for your support.


Kim Shelton
Corporate Compliance/Decision Support