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We embrace the miracle of birth with compassion, expertise, and a deep commitment to your family’s well-being.


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Welcoming our community’s newest members

Our state-of-the-art facilities and flexible policies ensure you can enjoy the intimacy of your birthing experience while benefiting from the safety and expertise of the hospital. We prioritize your health with the options to meet your needs.

Pre-Payment Plan

Murray-Calloway County Hospital’s Miracle Moments Prepayment Plan provides a way for you to know the approximate cost of delivery and care for you and your baby. 

You may sign up for the prepayment plan when you preregister at the Admitting Office in the hospital as early as eight weeks into your pregnancy.

Financial Counselor

To set up a Prepayment Plan, please contact our Financial Counselor at (270) 752-2186. MCCH additionally partners with MedFinancial for affordable healthcare payment plans after your child is born.

Prenatal Services

Murray-Calloway County Hospital makes childbirth an event filled with the pampering and support you need. We have services to enhance the health and well-being of mothers, babies, and the entire family.

We waive the fee for Moms delivering at MCCH for the Center for Health and Wellness during their prenatal period and for 6 – 12 weeks after delivery.


  • Freeze your membership for the delivery period
  • Babysitting for children ages six weeks to eight years is available
  • No joining fee
  • Other Prenatal Services available:
  • Birthing Classes
  • Breast Feeding private consult with a full-time Lactation Nurse. Call (270) 762-1940 for an appointment.

Post-Natal Services

Going Home

After you are discharged, you may leave the hospital anytime that day before midnight without incurring additional room charges.

Murray-Calloway County Hospital provides several services after deliveries, including:

  • Membership freeze at the Center for Health & Wellness during delivery time with no penalty
  • Lactation Consultation on an as-needed basis
  • Follow-up call by MCCH Staff

Maternity Gift Package

We want our new moms to have a memorable and enjoyable birthing experience. New mothers need love, support, and pampering, so MCCH offers:

  • Private rooms to mothers at no extra charge.
  • In-house Lactation Nurse to visit new moms twice a day. (If you wish to see the Lactation Nurse on the weekend, please notify the nursery nurse.)

First Tune Lullaby

The First Tune program began by Mark Maxwell, father and classical guitarist from Athens, Georgia, after the birth of his son. The system announces the birth of each baby. Moms, Dads or siblings can push the button to play a lullaby over the sound system in the hospital.

During Your Stay

The usual stay is two days (two-three If delivery is by cesarean section). Rooming-in provides mother and baby a chance to spend more time together in addition to the usual feeding times and is particularly good if you are breastfeeding.

For your comfort and safety, you will be discharged in a wheelchair. A nurse, nursing assistant or student nurse will escort you and your new baby to your car.

After Delivery

Your nurse will put identical bracelets on you and your newborn and one other person you identify with the baby’s sex, identification number, and date and time of delivery. Both you and your baby should wear these bracelets constantly during your stay.

Within 24 hours, your physician will give your baby a thorough physical examination. Your physician may decide that your baby needs to be cared for in a neonatal intensive care center such as Paducah, KY, Louisville, KY., or Nashville, TN.

Birth Certificate

To receive a certified legal copy of your child’s birth certificate, you may pick up an application from the Medical Records Department of Murray-Calloway County Hospital or from the Calloway County Health Department.

To streamline the process, you may order by calling (800) 241-8322 and use your credit card.  You may also visit the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services website for additional information.

Feeding Baby

Whether bottle or breast-feeding, your nurse may remain at your bedside for the first few feedings. It isn’t uncommon for new parents to need a little help and reassurance when handling and caring for baby.

Meals for Mom

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served to you at approximately 7:45 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., respectively. You may also call the food services department with your meal selection at the time you prefer.  Contact Food Services by calling extension 1111 from inside the hospital or (270) 762-1111 from outside the hospital.

Hearing Test

We are proud to have been one of the first hospitals in western Kentucky to conduct universal hearing screening on all newborns. Abnormal readings require a second test performed by the nursing staff.

Critical Congenital Heart Disease Testing

The CCHD, or Pulse Oximetry test, is performed before discharge. 

Newborn Screening

Kentucky law requires all newborns to have a screening test to identify hidden disorders. Should your baby’s results be abnormal, your pediatrician will be notified and more tests may be necessary to find out if your baby has a disorder.

Kentucky Paternity Information

If you are married, having a baby, and are interested in how you can establish legal fatherhood and add the father’s name to the birth certificate while at the hospital, click here <NEED LINK>
Murray-Calloway County Hospital is working to better educate and increase awareness to our parents about making informed decisions about establishing paternity – even before admission.
This video has more information about the Kentucky Paternity Program.

Miracle Moments Class

Our classes for expectant families are an extension of the family-centered maternity care services for which Murray-Calloway County Hospital is well known.

If you have questions about our classes for expectant families, please contact our lactation consultant at (270) 762-1940 or (800) 342-6224. For more information on the nutrition or wellness classes and services, you may call the Center for Health and Wellness at (270) 762-1348.

Prenatal Education Classes

All classes are designed to make your maternity experience more enjoyable. We urge expectant mothers to take advantage of them. Please call our Lactation Consultant at (270) 762-1940 or (800) 342-6224 during normal business hours for class registration information.

Maternity Care Tour

Even if you are not involved in the classes, you are still invited to come to the hospital and tour the labor, delivery, nursery and maternity areas. Our Lactation Nurse will be your tour guide and will answer any questions you may have. Please call (270) 762-1940 to schedule an appointment.

Prepared Childbirth

The prepared childbirth class is held monthly on the first Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. except for holiday weekends, then the class is held on the second Saturday of the month. The class is usually taken four to six weeks before the expected due date.

Breastfeeding Consult

To answer any questions you may have as well as better prepare you for breastfeeding, you may meet with our Lactation Nurse for a one-on-one teaching consult. To set up an appointment, just call our Lactation Consultant at (270) 762-1940 or (800) 342-6224 during normal business hours. Your appointment is free of charge if you plan on delivering at MCCH.

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