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MCCH’s Acute Rehab Cares for Local Student

August 4, 2023

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MURRAY, KY – It was his senior year at Calloway County High School, Seldon Herndon was planning big things as he got closer to graduation and looked forward to deciding what his future held. On March 4th his life turned upside down after a car accident and little did he know he would spend the next several months in intense therapy rather than finishing out school with his fellow classmates.

Seldon had stayed out late the night before with his friends even though he knew he had to be at work at 6 am. When he woke up, he was tired but got dressed and quickly headed out. He had no idea that he would fall asleep at the wheel just a few minutes later; all he remembers is hitting the guardrails and flipping his car. He doesn’t remember anything after that.

Unfortunately, Seldon wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and when he woke up and he was sitting on the door. He remembers not being able to feel his left leg and one of his legs was bent up under him.

“I began freaking out when I woke up and am very thankful for the trucker who stopped and helped rip my windshield out and the nurse that was there,” said Seldon.

Firefighters helped get him out the back window and he said he continued to go in and out of consciousness as his clothes were being cut off and he was being transported in the ambulance. He was airlifted to Nashville where he underwent back surgery. He suffered breaks in his vertebrae at T3 and T4 along with four broken ribs. After spending ten days in Nashville, Seldon was transferred to the Acute Inpatient Rehab Unit at Murray-Calloway County Hospital where he spent another couple of weeks completing an intense physical therapy program to get him back home where he completed an additional 12 weeks of outpatient therapy.

“We wanted to be near home and from the time we arrived the weight was lifted and the care was so good,” said his mother Lesley.

“With the therapy I felt better every day; I started with a walker and then ended with a cane. I went through various treatments including a spinal stimulator to help heal my bones. After what I’ve been through I would tell everyone to be sure to get plenty of rest and to wear your seatbelt at all times,” Seldon said.

Seldon was still deciding what his future held and looked forward to joining the Calloway County High School Class of 2023 for graduation.

The team of therapists and rehabilitation nurses put together an intense plan for Seldon’s road to recovery.  Seldon was the youngest patient admitted for acute rehabilitation and his care team was inspired by his effort.

“He was a really hard worker and transitioned to the cane fairly quick,” said Samantha, COTA. “He was so fun to work with and up for any challenge we gave him.”

“My heart went out to him; no matter the pain he was in he was so polite and appreciative. He’s been the best patient and it was an honor to care for him,” commented Alicia Erwin, RN, BSN.

Members of the rehabilitation team were impacted by the determination and courage Seldon showed while undergoing his intensive rehabilitation program. After he completed his Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation, he was discharged home, where he continued to receive outpatient therapy at Murray-Calloway County Hospital’s Center for Rehab and Sports Medicine. With the help of his family, he has graduated Calloway County High School, is driving again, and spending a great deal of his time with his friends.

Seldon was also able to attend his Senior Prom and was crowned Prom King! He gave a short speech at the end of Grand March and thanked everyone for all the prayer and support for him and his family. He also encouraged everyone to be safe and to wear their seatbelt.

Since Graduation Seldon has been enjoying time with his friends and family and doing all the things he loves to do. He took a trip to Florida and went deep-sea fishing. As for his future, he plans to be an electrician, has joined the IBEW to be an apprentice, and has a job lined up to begin soon.

“God has some big plans for my boy! He is a walking miracle and I know God has had him through all of this. Seldon has showed us how to be strong and how to have patience. He is an amazing young man; I am so proud of his and all that he has accomplished,” said his mother Lesley.

If you, or some one you know, could benefit from the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Murray-Calloway County Hospital, please call the referral line at 270-762-1429.

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