Pastoral Care Services endeavors to provide a component of total care for patients, their family members and other persons involved in their system of care and personal support.

Pastoral care may be related to specific, formal or denominational religious system, but shall not infringe upon the religious beliefs of the patient and shall at all times respect the patient’s right to specific religious beliefs. Pastoral Care Services shall be integrated with the efforts of other professional health care disciplines within Murray-Calloway County Hospital. Pastoral care is a part of the total health care of the patient. Pastoral care shall at all times respect the patients’ rights to privacy, confidentiality and all other rights outlined in the Patients Bill of Rights.

The Department of Pastoral Care Services is located on the second floor of the North Tower in room 217. To contact our chaplain, or to arrange for a visit, call 270.762.1274.

View of the chapel at MCCH